20 Books of Summer – Update #1


Well, I am tooling right along with this challenge!  My original post about 20 Books of Summer, being hosted by Cathy746, is here.

Here is my original list of 20 (links to GoodReads):

As of today, I have completed Freckles and am halfway (ish) through Academ’s Fury.  However, I already have an elimination from the list – The Ransom was just tooooo hokey (GLH gives me mixed results), so it is officially OFF the list.  The replacement will be the fifth Codex Alera book, Princeps’ Fury.  

I still have two books to review before I start getting into my 20 Books of Summer reviews, but they’re coming!!!  I’m enjoying everyone else’s updates as well, even if I’m terrible at Twitter.  ;-)  Hope everyone is having a great time with this fun challenge.