Tiger’s Destiny


by Colleen Houck

Published: 2012

And here we have it, the fourth and final installment of the Tiger series!

The series did have a fairly satisfying ending.  This book also involved a phoenix, which is my favorite mythological creature.

WHICH REMINDS ME.  Somehow, when I was reviewing Tiger’s QuestI forgot one thing I was going to mention, and that was the fact that one of the things I did not particularly like about this series was the way that it haphazardly mixed religion and myth, as though they are both equally unbelievable.  I really know nothing of the Hindu religion, but I do not think that if I was a Hindu that I would take kindly to a series of books that basically, by its very premise says, “Your religion is a fairy tale.”  In Tiger’s Quest, Kelsey and Kishan find Noah’s Ark, and it’s the same kind of attitude from the author–we can include this in my fairy tale book, because it’s the stuff of fairy tales.  And I find that offensive.  Not in a I AM GOING TO WRITE TO THIS WOMAN AND GIVE HER A PIECE OF MY MIND kind of way, but just…  really?  I don’t appreciate the mockery of religion.  Like I said, I know nothing of the Hindus, so I have no idea if they would find Houck’s take on their religion offensive or not.  So.  End rant.

Ennywho, this book also involved time travel, which is always a good time, and death, which is pretty much never a good time, and the same stupid love triangle which is consistently OBNOXIOUS.

Still, this book, and the series overall, ranks a 3/5 for me.  I may read it again someday, but it’s not really a set of books I expect to return to again and again.

Per usual, spoiler-rants below.  ;-)

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