The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight


by Jennifer Smith

Published 2012

So this book was another tumblr recommendation.  However, I need to start using some kind of system when I write down books I see on tumblr, because I can’t remember on whose tumblr I saw it recommended.  Ah well.

This was a fun book.  The story was well-paced.  I’m not a huge fan of present-tense stories, but it worked with this one to help clarify when the story was in present tense and when it was a flashback/background.

Basically, the book is about a girl, Hadley, who is flying to England for her dad’s wedding, and she’s quite unhappy about it because she’s still really upset that he left in the first place, much less that he is now (two years later) marrying the woman for whom he left Hadley’s mother.  And to top off an already bad day, Hadley misses her flight and has to take the next one.  While waiting for the second flight, she meets a young man, Oliver, who is from England but has been in the States going to college.  They hit it off and begin to talk, and their seats are next to each other on the plane.  The book documents a 24-hour period (well, sort of…  it has plenty of stories from Hadley’s past, too), and the pacing is excellent.

For me, the most unbelievable thing is that Hadley truly hates her dad so much that she is only going to fly to London for ONE DAY and then turn around and fly home again?!  I don’t care how much you hate your dad–you’re passing up seeing a different country just because you’re torqued off!?

Overall, this book was a high 3/5.  I really enjoyed the story, but I disagreed with the “lessons” on marriage/relationships/affairs that one gleans from the book.  More on that below; but there are some spoilers as well–

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