Hey friends!

Sorry for the long silence!  Life has been truly crazy of late.  Of course, I always have plenty of time to read (an expert like myself can read while doing other things that would normally be a waste of time, like brushing my teeth or cooking supper or walking from one end of the apartment to the other), but blogging…!!!  And I’ve read some really great books, too!  I’m especially looking forward to posting about The View from Saturday, which was a book I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy and ended up purchasing immediately after reading because I loved it so much; Unequal Affections, which was actually a well-written retelling of Pride and Prejudice for once; Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World, because who doesn’t want to read a random book by someone who is weirdly obsessed with bananas?? and Conrad’s Fate, another great installment of the Chrestomanci series.

But all of that is (hopefully) in the future.  Last week, my husband and I went to North Carolina with my brother and his wife, and had a fantastically relaxing week (for once, I legitimately felt like I needed a holiday), so for now my blogging focus is going to be on updating the Travel Log.  I usually post as we go along, but I didn’t take my laptop this time (more time for reading!) so I’m a bit behind.  Feel free to catch up on my news there (or not lol), and hopefully I will be back to books soon!!