Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Authobiography



by: Lemony Snicket

Published: 2002

So, this book was actually published in the midst of the Unfortunate series, and, while immensely entertaining, is completely useless.  I hoped that it may provide a few clues (you may remember that I was quite dissatisfied with the ending of that series), but no such luck.  Still, for pure entertainment and amusement, the book is delightful.  I found it hilarious, if simultaneously frustrating.


The End: An Unfortunate Series of Events, books 9-13.



by Lemony Snicket

So, I reviewed the first half of this series earlier, and have been plugging along through them ever since.

I wanted to like these books.  I really did.  The writing was great fun and the similes amazing.  But…  just…  it was irritating.  I spend thirteen books following these kids around, reading about all the just stupidly frustrating and depressing things going on in their lives, and in the end…  I get nothing.  No resolution.  No answers.  No explanations.  Absolutely nothing.

And in fiction, I like resolution.

This series, overall, was 2/5.  I’m glad I read it, but I will never bother reading them again.