by Christopher Paolini

Published: 2011

So, here we have the final book in Paolini’s series.  In Book #4, Eragon and Saphria finally meet their nemesis, after much gory battling across the countryside, plus a little side journey to an island, and lots of gossip with the ancient dragons.

As I mentioned in my review of Brisingrthis series just really began to drag for me.  It was so serious and intense.  Four 800-page books, and not a SINGLE line that made me smile.  Nothing.  That is an awful lot of time spent without a spark of fun.  Throughout, and especially in the last two books, they read more like non-fiction than fiction, just non-fiction of a fictional place, if that makes sense.  I really did not enjoy this book at all; I just wanted to see how everything ended.  I’ll rant about that in the spoiler-filled ‘read more’ section.  Suffice to say for now, this series wasn’t worth the effort for me.  I would never read them again, and I wouldn’t ever recommend them to someone else.  I experienced basically no emotion from them.  I never particularly bonded with the characters, never really cared about their fate or was inspired to any kind of passion for their goals.  For me, the story was incredibly neutral.  If they’d gotten to the end and lost, I really wouldn’t have been that upset.

This book, and the series as a whole: 2/5.

Below: spoiler-filled rant about the way this book ended…

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