The Moorchild



by Eloise McGraw

Published: 1996

So basically I’ve been browsing Goodreads using various key search words to see what I can find to read, and The Moorchild appeared under the fairy tale tag, I think, or something along those lines.  It is the story of about a changeling.  While most stories involving changelings follow the adventures of the stolen (human) child, this follows the tale of the changeling herself, and unwilling mix of faery and human.

It was an interesting and well-written story, and Saaki is a character with whom it is easy to sympathize, trapped as she is between worlds.

But overall, this story is simply sad.  No one really loves Saaki, or wants her, and it is through no fault of her own.  And she never really finds peace.  While I can appreciate the beauty and artistry of the tale, it is  not one that I would read again, or even recommend.  It left me feeling distraught and sad.  Instead of being a redemptive tale, wherein the people of Saaki’s village learn to love and accept her, it is a story where prejudice and ignorance win out over the finer feelings, leaving Saaki an outcast forever from all sides.

For  me, this was a 2/5.  Soooo sad.