by Agatha Christie

Published 1975

Although this book was not published until 1975, Christie had actually written it years earlier, in the early 1940’s.  And it is every bit as brilliant as the other novels she was writing at the time.

Curtain is the emphatic and definite end to the Poirot books, and it is possibly one of the best series-conclusion books that I have ever read.  It was eerie, disturbing, enthralling, and a perfect mystery.  It is tragic and sad, and not everyone may like Christie’s manner of concluding the long and full career of Hercule Poirot.

This book returns Poirot to the location of his first British mystery, The Mysterious Affair at Stylesand also returns to him his favorite and most faithful of companions, Captain Hastings.

I had never before read Curtain, but I definitely recommend it if you have read some of Poirot’s mysteries before.  It is a fitting climax to an excellent series.  5/5.

Poirot Loses a Client


by Agatha Christie

Published: 1937

Captain Hastings is back in this Poirot adventure, wherein Poirot receives a letter from a client dated two months earlier.  Upon investigation, Poirot discovers that the writer of this letter has since died…  apparently naturally.

This book was alright, but not a particular favorite of mine.  While the mystery was good, for me, the ending seemed like a bit of a stretch.  Still, I do love Captain Hastings!