The Forgotten War



by Stan Cohen


So, who can tell me about what was going on in Alaska during World War II?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  And so, The Forgotten War turns out to be an appropriate title after all.  had never read anything about what was going on in the northwest part of our continent in the 1940’s.  And yet, at the time, the government was quite concerned that Japan would invade North America by jumping off from the Aleutian Islands–they really aren’t that far away from Japan.  Because history took the war to the Southern Pacific instead, we tend to forget the brief but intense focus of Alaska just after Pearl Harbor.

This book was, in fact, a pictorial history, so while the text was informative and interesting, the majority of the book was full of black-and-white photos of the region.  All in all, an interesting book, and a not-difficult read, about a piece of World War II history that is often neglected.