A Pelican at Blandings


by P.G. Wodehouse

Published: 1969

Every time I start to review a Wodehouse book, I give it up as a hopeless case.  I feel as though I should write a blanket review and repost it every time I read a Wodehouse book.

But while the reviews all sound the same, the books are each different and entertaining in their own way.  While his plots often seem to follow the same basic circuit, the language, the characters, are all different and delightful.

Take this quote–

“We ought to send for a doctor!”

“I don’t want a doctor!”

“Then I shall go and heat you up a nice glass of milk,” said Ma Balsam. She belonged to the school of thought which holds that a nice glass of hot milk, while not baffling the death angel altogether, can at least postpone the inevitable.

And I tell you, there is a line like that on every page.  I can’t read his books in public; I laugh out loud and embarrass myself.

This one was a strong 4/5.  I enjoyed this book immensely.