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Wodehouse, P.G.

Check out the index from my old book blog for titles reviewed before 21 October 2012.

Bertie & Jeeves

Please note:  Sebastian Faulks recently published his own Bertie & Jeeves book, and it was surprisingly good!  Check out Jeeves & the Wedding Bells.

Blandings Castle

Mr. Mulliner



Miscellaneous Fun



Starting September 2016, I am trying to read through all of Wodehouse’s books in published order!  Below are his books in published order… as best I can figure.  A lot of his books were published first in the US or first in the UK, and then in the other country in a different year.  Some were published as serials and then as a full book several years later.  Creating a truly accurate published-order list seems nearly impossible…

*These titles were also published together in one book titled Mike

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