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Traveling Book Club Reads

Do you ever spontaneously agree to do something, and then later realize that maybe it wasn’t your best idea?  A while back I started using tumblr again (so addictive, and I can’t explain why), and I’m following a few book blogs there.  One of them was organizing a Traveling Book Club, wherein each participant choose a book to share, and mails it to the next person on the list.  Every month, you mail the book you were sent on to the next person until the books have gone in a complete circle.  Participants are encouraged to annotate the books as they are reading them.  Sounds fun, right??  The problem is – and I didn’t really think about this until later – I’m kind of a super old person on tumblr.  So I’m pretty sure that what I’m going to get are a bunch of angsty YA novels, probably mostly about being gay and learning to follow your heart instead of growing up.

At any rate, we’ll see what happens.  No matter what, it will still accomplish the goal of expanding my reading horizons.  Maybe a few angsty heart-following homosexuals are what I need in my life.  ;-)

I’ll keep the list updated as new books arrive…