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Quest: Read All of My Own Books

I’m an avid book collector, and have been my entire life – which means that there are a ridiculous number of bookshelves in my own, covered in a ridiculous amount of books.  Back when I very first started blogging, somewhere circa 2011 on Tumblr, I thought that I should make it a goal to read every book I own and actually get rid of the ones I don’t picture myself rereading.  Unfortunately, I have a habit  of continuing to acquire new books, plus I started following other book blogs and all of a sudden had 800 other books I want to read one of these days.

All that to say – below is the list of books that I own, and the date I read it (if I have).  “Location” refers to where the book is in my house.  If it’s not noted, it means that it’s a physical fiction book, which are shelved in alphabetical order by author.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I also use the Dewey Decimal system for my nonfiction books.  Whoops.

If I own an entire series, it is listed/counted as a single book.  For instance, I own 22 Happy Hollister books, but they comprise a single entry on the list.

I’ll try to update it semi-regularly.  And since it’s a million miles long, I’m putting the totals at the top instead of the bottom.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear feedback on the list – let me know if you see any of your favorites here.

Total Owned:  996
Total Read:  318
Total Left:  678

1519 Gardening Secrets Readers’ Digest nonfiction – 635
A Cathedral Courtship Wiggin, Kate Douglas desk 6/16/2012
A Complete History of Fairfield County Wiseman, C.M.L. nonfiction – 929
A Cup of Sky Peattie, Donald Culross religious
A Curious Man Thompson, Neal 9/18/2014
A Dangerous Game Massi, Jeri
A Dark Lure White, Loreth Anne on Kindle 8/2/2017
A Dog on Barkham Street Stolz, Mary
A Duchess in Name Weaver, Amanda Kindle
A Gentleman of Leisure Wodehouse, P.G. 4/4/2017
A Highland Collie Terhune, Albert Payson
A Homemade Christmas Weist, Jaclyn Kindle
A Horse Called Mystery Reynolds, Marjorie
A Little Princess Burnett, Frances Hodgson 12/5/2011
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare short
A Monster Calls Ness, Patrick 2/11/2015
A Most Unsuitable Husband Faith, Lorna Kindle
A Mouse Called Wolf King-Smith, Dick
A Nose for Trouble Kjelgaard, Jim 10/15/2015
A Passion for Books Glaspey, Terry nonfiction – 028
A Peep Behind the Scenes Lamplighter
A Prefect’s Uncle Wodehouse, P.G. Kindle 10/9/2016
A Prisoner and Yet… Ten Boom, Corrie 4/23/2012
A Room for Cathy Woolley, Catherine
A School to Come Home To Dunlop, Lisa
A String in the Harp Bond, Nancy 4/29/2016
A Summer in Brighton Rowland, Jann Kindle 2/18/2016
A Tale of Two Cities Dickens, Charles desk 2/26/2016
A Tangled Web Montgomery, L.M.
A Tapestry of Lives Sims, Jean Kindle 7/24/2017
A Victorian Christmas Cottage Palmer, Catherine
A Voice in the Wilderness Hill, Grace Livingston Collection #8
A Woman After God’s Own Heart George, Elizabeth religious
A Wrinkle in Time L’Engle, Madeline 7/10/2018
A Year of Weddings – 12 titles Various Kindle 8/13/2017
Adventure at BlackRock Cave Lauber, Patricia
Afraid to Ride Anderson, C.W.
Akin to Anne Montgomery, L.M. short
Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars Pinkwater, Daniel 5 Novels 11/16/2017
Album of Horses Henry, Marguerite 12/6/2017
All Creatures Great & Small series Herriot, James
All Fall Down Pope, Christine Kindle DNF 3/15/17
All of a Kind Family books Taylor, Sydney
All the Little Children Furniss, Jo Kindle
Alone with Mr. Darcy Reynolds, Abigail Kindle
Along Came a Spider Robinson, KM Kindle
Along the Shore Montgomery, L.M. short
Alvin’s Swap Shop Hicks, Clifford short
Amanda Jaffe series Margolin, Phillip 12/3/2016
Amelia Earhart Landmark 8/1/2017
Amelia Peabody books Peters, Elizabeth want to buy 2013*
American Government: Power & Purpose Lowi, Theodore nonfiction – 370
Among the Shadows Montgomery, L.M. short
Among Wolves Hakok, R.A. Kindle
An Arrow Pointing to Heaven Smith, James religious
An Offering You Can’t Refuse Mansell, Jill Kindle
An Old-Fashioned Girl Alcott, Louisa May 10/4/2014
An Unexpected Gift Zante, Lily Kindle (doc)
An Unlikely Duet Silver, Lelia Kindle
An Unpleasant Walk Carlson, C. Rafe Kindle 5/18/2018
An Unwavering Trust Diamond, L.L. Kindle
And He Dwelt Among Us Tozer, A.W. religious
And on That Bombshell Porter, Richard Nonfiction – 791
And Then There Were None Christie, Agatha 4/26/2016
Anderon’s Fairy Tales
Andy and Willie Cox, Lee Sheridan
Anna and the King of Siam Landon, Margaret
Anne series Montgomery, L.M. 1/25/2012
Annuals Consumer Guide nonfiction – 635
Annuals for Instant Color Bird, Richard nonfiction – 635 – box
Apples Yepsen, Roger nonfiction – 641
Arabella Heyer, Georgette 2/17/2012
Archer’s Goon Jones, Diana Wynne want to buy 10/18/2014
As Deep as the Ocean Woods, Serenity Kindle 4/22/2018
At the Altar Montgomery, L.M. short
At the Villa Rose Mason, A.E.W. Kindle
Attachments Rowell, Rainbow 7/30/2018
Austenland Hale, Shannon 3/8/2013
Authentic Beauty Ludy, Leslie religious
Awaken Carlton, Demelza Kindle
Babe the Gallant Pig King-Smith, Dick 1/31/2016
Baby Island Brink, Carol Ryrie 12/21/2012
Backyard Budget Makeovers Birds & Blooms nonfiction – 712
Bambi Salten, Felix 4/18/2012
Basketry Boy Scouts of America nonfiction – 369
Bath Tangle Heyer, Georgette want to buy 8/17/2014
Battle of Britain Landmark
Bayern tales Hale, Shannon 2013
Be Still My Soul Elliot, Elisabeth religious
Beautiful Joe Suanders, Marshall desk 12/12/2011
Beauty McKinley, Robin 3/14/2018
Beauty and the Beast Shea, K.M. Kindle 4/1/2018
Becky and Her Brave Cat, Bluegrass Mason, Miriam
Becoming Alpha Erin, Aileen Kindle 6/28/2018
Beers of the World Kenning, David nonfiction – 641
Bellamy and the Brute Michaels, Alicia Kindle
Bellamy’s Blossom series Aiken, Ginny
Bellfarm Star Meek, S.P.
Ben and Me Lawson, Robert
Benjamin Franklin Landmark
Bertie & Jeeves Wodehouse 2013
Best Short Stories – 2nd Collection Brink, Carol Ryrie
Betsy books Haywood, Carolyn
Beyond Rope and Fence Grew, David Famous Horse Stories
Beyond the Tales Mahoney, Cheryl Kindle Fall 2016*
Bibi the Baker’s Horse Stewart, Anna Bird desk
Bicentennial Barns of Ohio Wilkinson, Christina nonfiction – 728
Big Ben Walker, David
Big Jump for Robin Wilding, Suzanne
Big Red Kjelgaard, Jim 5/15/2015
Big Sky Romance Hunter, Denise Kindle 2014
Birthright Roberts, Nora
Black Beauty Sewell short 3/5/2018
Black Gold Henry, Marguerite 12/8/2011
Black Sheep Heyer, Georgette want to buy 10/15/2014
Black Storm Hinkle, Thomas Famous Horse Stories
Blandings Castle Wodehouse 2012
Bluebells in the Mourning Mackroy, Kara Lynne Kindle 5/20/2018
Bluegrass Champion Lyons, Dorothy Famous Horse Stories
Bobcat Anderson, C.W.
Boo Hoo Gutteridge, Rene
Book of a Thousand Days Hale, Shannon 8/2/2012
Borgel Pinkwater, Daniel
Born to Race Perrin, Blanche Chenery
Born to Trot Henry, Marguerite 4/26/2012
Borrowers series Norton, Mary
Bread and Butter Journey Colver, Anne
Breaking Free Moore, Beth religious
Bridal Quartet Roberts, Nora Jan-16
Bride by Mistake Helm, Nicole Kindle
Brightwater Riley, Lia Kindle Dec-17
Brighty of Grand Canyon Henry, Marguerite 2/1/2018
Bronco Charlie Larom, Henry 12/7/2017
Brother Cadfael books Peters, Ellis 2013
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley Henry, Marguerite
Bruce Terhune, Albert Payson
Buff: A Collie Terhune, Albert Payson
Bugle Hinkle, Thomas 3/15/2012
Burnaby Series Emery, Anne 11/30/2017
By Magic Beguiled Shayne, Maggie Kindle
Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol Ryrie 11/13/2012
Calamity Town Queen, Ellery 6/3/2012
Call it Courage Sperry, Armstrong
Can’t Stand the Heat Dobbs, Leighann Kindle 4/11/2018
Captain Kidd’s Cat Lawson, Robert
Career Advice Webber, Greg Kindle (doc)
Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud Mason, Miriam
Cast Two Shadows Rinaldi, Ann
Castaway in Lilliput Winterfield, Henry
Chalou Carlson, Natalie Savage
Champ Lauber, Patricia 5/3/2012
Champion Dog: Prince Tom Fritz, Jean
Chapel Springs Romance Hunter, Denise Kindle
Charlotte’s Web White, E. B.
Charm Armitage, J.A. Kindle
Cheaper by the Dozen Gilbreth short 2/23/2012
Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights Pinkwater, Daniel
Chicken Every Sunday Taylor, Romsemary
Chips Terhune, Albert Payson
Christmas Horse Balch, Glenn Famous Horse Stories
Christy Marshall, Catherine
Christy Finds a Rider Johnson, Elizabeth Harrover
Chronicles of Ixia Snyder, Maria want to buy 10/31/2017
Chronicles of Narnia Lewis, C.S.
Chronicles of Pern McCaffrey, Anne 2016
Chronicles of Prydain Alexander, Lloyd 2013
Cinchfoot Hinkle, Thomas Famous Horse Stories 11/14/2017
Cinnabar Henry, Marguerite
Civil Disobedience Thoreau, Henry David nonfiction – 818
Cliffhanger Saunders, Amy Kindle
Clutter’s Last Stand Aslett, Don nonfiction – 646
Codex Alera Butcher, Jim Nov-16
Collie to the Rescue Terhune, Albert Payson
Come On, Seabiscuit Moody, Ralph 4/15/2018
Communication in Everyday Life Duck, Steve nonfiction – 302
Communication Theories in Action Wood, Julia nonfiction – 302
Complete and Utter Failure McDermott, Steve nonfiction – 302
Complete Home Landscaping Erler, Catriona nonfiction – 712
Compromised! King, J. Dawn Kindle
Container Gardening Bales, Suzanne nonfiction – 635 2/28/2017
Copper-Toed Boots de Angeli, Marguerite 1/3/2018
Cornelli Spyri, Joanna
Cotillion Heyer, Georgette 5/26/2013
Country Gardens Williams, Nina nonfiction – 712
Country Life Heiney, Paul nonfiction – 630
Courdory Bell, Adrian Slightly Foxed
Cracked Nutts Tobias, Jay
Cranberry Bluff Garner, Deborah Kindle
Crazy Kill Range Montgomery, Rutherford Famous Horse Stories 12/30/2016
Created to Be His Help meet Pearl, Debi religious
Creating Country Style Walton, Stewart and Sally nonfiction – 747
Cricket in Times Square series Selden, George
Cries of the Heart Zacharias, Ravi religious
Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound Culbertson, Geanna Kindle
Critical Reaction Johnson, Todd 5/17/2016
Critique of Judgment Kant nonfiction – 121
Crooked House Christie, Agatha 6/4/2016
Crunchy Cons Dreher, Rod nonfiction – 320
Cupid’s Coffee Shop series Hunt, Courtney Kindle (doc)
Daddy Long-Legs Webster, Jean desk 12/23/2011
Daisy Daylrymple mysteries Dunn, Carola 2014*
Daisy in Chains Bolton, Sharon 12/1/2016
Dance Upon the Air Roberts, Nora trilogy
Dangerous Island Mindlin, Helen
Daniel Boone Landmark
Dark Sunshine Lyons, Dorothy Famous Horse Stories
David Coppefield Dickens, Charles desk
Dawn Porter, Eleanor H.
Day of Glory Spencer, Philip nonfiction – 818
Dead End Close Utton, Dominic Kindle (doc) 4/2/2017
Dear Marguerite Henry Henry, Marguerite 8/23/2013
Deep Blue Secret Anderson, Christie Kindle
Deep Secret Jones, Diana Wynne want to buy 3/7/2015
Deep Valley (series) Lovelace, Maud Hart 2013*
Desert Dog Kjelgaard, Jim 4/1/2015
Destination Unknown Christie, Agatha 7/29/2016
Dewey Myron, Vicki
Discovering Her Alpha Michaels, A.K. Kindle (doc)
Doctor Hudson’s Secret Journal Douglas, Lloyd
Doctor’s Boy Anckarsvard, Karin
Dog of the High Sierras Terhune, Albert Payson
Dog Stories Terhune, Albert Payson
Dominion Alcorn, Randy May-14
Don Quixote de Cervantes, Miguel desk
Dragon series Weis, Margaret short
Dragon series Wrede, Patricia
Dragonhaven McKinley, Robin
Drew Fathering mysteries Deering, Julianna
Dug Down Deep Harris, Joshua religious
Dwight D. Eisenhower Landmark
Early Candlelight Lovelace, Maud Hart
Eats, Shoots & Leaves Truss, Lynne 6/14/2012
Edwin Drood Dickens, Charles
Eight Cousins Alcott, Louisa May 9/23/2014
Einstein’s Refrigerator Silverman, Steve nonfiction – 031
Elfin Loftis, Quinn Kindle
Elizabeth Bennet’s Deception Jeffers, Regina Kindle 6/16/2018
Ella Dethroned Barr, Brandon Kindle (doc)
Ella Enchanted Levine, Gail Carson 6/6/2018
Ellen Tebbits Cleary, Beverly
Elsie Dinsmore books Finley, Martha
Emily series Montgomery, L.M. short
Emily’s Runaway Imagination Cleary, Beverly 4/5/2016
Emma Austen, Jane 3/6/2013
Enchant Carlton, Demelza Kindle
Encyclopedia Brown Sobol, Donald
Enthroned Shea, K.M. Kindle
Epoch Shift Lingwail, Jake Kindle
Escape from the Kitchen Schofield, Deniece nonfiction – 648
Escape from Warsaw Serraillier, Ian short
Eva’s Deadline Lee, Linda Hope short
Eveli Spyri, Joanna desk
Everblue series Pandos, Brenda Kindle DNF (boring)
Every Little Kiss Hatler, Susan Kindle DNF (boring)
Everything We Keep Lonsdale, Kerry Kindle
Everywhere It’s You Salem, C.B. Kindle
Evie Blackwell series Henderson, Dee Jun-17
Excalibur Rising Hodgetts, Eileen Enwright Kindle
Exhume Girard, Danielle Kindle
Fairy tale series Doman, Regina 2014*
Fairy tale series Dickerson, Melanie Kindle
False Colours Heyer, Georgette
Fangirl Rowell, Rainbow 6/16/2015
Farewell, My Lovely Chandler, Raymond 7/24/2017
Fatal Trust Johnson, Todd 8/22/2017
Fate & Consequences Wells, Linda P&P 3/15/2017
Favorite Horse Stories Savitt, Sam
Favorite Houseplants and How to Grow Them Better Homes & Gardens nonfiction – 635
Fear and Loathing in America Thompson, Hunter S. nonfiction – 070
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Thompson, Hunter nonfiction – 070
Feral Hariharan, Laxmi Kindle (doc)
Fields of Wrath Wheaton, Mark Kindle
Fifteen Rabbits Salten, Felix
Fifty States Baird, Lori nonfiction – 973
Fighting the Flying Circus Rickenbacker, Eddie Kindle
Finding Somewhere to Belong Masters, C.C. Kindle
Fire-Hunter Kjelgaard, Jim short
Five Acres and Independence Kains, M.G. nonfiction – 630
Five Children and It Nesbit, E. Short
Five Minute Marriage Aiken, Joan 8/16/2018
Forest Patrol Kjelgaard, Jim Kindle 3/30/2016
Forest Rose Bennett, Emerson
Forgotten Treasures Kessler, Lisa Kindle
Found Treasure Hill, Grace Livingston 1/1/2011
Found: One Orange-Brown Horse Lauber, Patricia
Four Weddings and a Fiasco Kevin, Lucy Kindle DNF (boring)
Foxblood trilogy Lyon, Raquel Kindle
Foxfire Various nonfiction – 663
Foxfire 3 Various nonfiction – 663
Freckles Porter, Gene Stratton 6/2/2016
Frederica Heyer, Georgette short 7/9/2018
Friday’s Child Heyer, Georgette short 11/13/2012
Frog Meek, S.P. Famous Horse Stories
From Italy With Love Wake, Jules Kindle DNF (boring) – has been updated since then
Frontier Magic series Wrede, Patricia want to buy 11/13/2012
Further Adventures of Lad Terhune, Albert Payson
Fury series Miller, Albert 11/27/2016
Gardening for Flower Arrangements Nehrling, Arno nonfiction – 635
Gateway to Fourline Brondos, Pam Kindle
George Washington’s Secret Six Kilmeade, Brian nonfiction – 973 2/22/2018
Get Out of That Pit Moore, Beth religious
Gettysburg Landmark
Ghost Town Adventure Montgomery, Rutherford short
Ginger Pye Estes, Eleanor 2/19/2014
Glimmers of Glass Savant, Emma Kindle
God’s Guidance Elliot, Elisabeth religious
God’s Pursuit of Man Tozer, A.W. religious
Golden Robinson, K.M. Kindle
Golden Cloud Silliman, Leland Famous Horse Stories
Golden Sovereign Lyons, Dorothy Famous Horse Stories
Golden Stallion books Montgomery, Rutherford
Gone-Away Lake Enright, Elizabeth 10/17/2013
Grandma Gatewood’s Walk Montgomery, Ben Nonfiction – 796
Green Card Adams, Elizabeth Kindle 9/1/2015
Grimm’s Fairy Tales desk
Groucho Letters Marx, Groucho nonfiction – 816
Half Magic series Eager, Edward
Hammer of the Gods David, Stephen nonfiction – 782
Hanging Baskets Mikolajski, Andrew nonfiction – 635 – box
Happiness Alcorn, Randy religious
Happiness Hill Hill, Grace Livingston
Happy Hollisters West, Jerry
Happy Little Family Caudill, Rebecca 3/13/2013
Hardy Boys Dixon, Franklin
Harriet’s Hare King-Smith, Dick
Harry Potter series Rowling, J.K. 2014
Harry’s Mad King-Smith, Dick
Haunt Fox Kjelgaard, Jim 6/27/2015
Heavier Than Heaven Cross, Charles nonfiction – 782 11/12/2017
Hegemony or Survival Chomsky, Noam nonfiction – 327
Heidi Spyri, Joanna desk
Hemlock Layouni, N.J. Kindle
Henry Reed series Robertson, Keith
Herbs Lowe, Judy nonfiction – 635
Hercule Poirot Christie, Agatha 2013
Here Comes Charlie Peters, Lane
Hidden Trail Kjelgaard, Jim 6/5/2015
High Courage Anderson, C.W.
High-Yield Vegetable Gardening McCrate, Colin nonfiction – 635 7/6/2017
Holdfast Beatty, Patricia
Holes Sachar
Holiday Wishes Roberts, Nora Kindle 8/5/2018
Holidays Can Be Murder Shelton, Connie Kindle
Home Landscaping Better Homes & Gardens nonfiction – 712
Homegrown Herbs Hartung, Tammi nonfiction – 635
Homing Hill, Grace Livingston short 5/9/2016
Hoofbeats Foote, John Taintor Famous Horse Stories
Horse Stories Girl Scouts
How Do They Do That? Sutton, Caroline nonfiction – 031
How Not to Spend Your Senior Year Dokey, Cameron Short 10/4/2015
How the States Got Their Shapes Stein, Mark nonfiction – 917
How to Grow More Vegetables Jeavons, John nonfiction – 635
How to Live in the Country Without Farming Wend, Milton nonfiction – 630
How to Stay Alive in the Woods Angier, Bradford nonfiction – 613
Howling at the Moon MacInerney, Karen Kindle
Howl’s Moving Castle series Jones, Diana Wynne short 2013
Hudson Taylor Taylor, Hudson religious
Human Communication Tubbs, Stewart nonfiction – 302
Hurricane Pinto Hinkle, Thomas Famous Horse Stories
I’ll Take Forever McMahon, Barbara Kindle
Immortal Writers Bowers, Jill Kindle (doc)
Imperative Wells, Linda P&P 2/24/2017
In His Steps Sheldon, Charles desk
Indian Island Mystery Jane, Mary
Indian Paint Balch, Glenn Famous Horse Stories 10/19/2017
Indiscretion Morgan, Jude 8/2/2015
Infinity Lost Harrison, S. Kindle 7/26/2018
Inspector Tearle series Corbett, Scott 4/16/2013*
Invisible Resistance to Tyranny Mack, Jefferson nonfiction – 323
Invitation to Live Douglas, Lloyd
IQ Ide, Joe Kindle (doc)
Irish Legacy Roberts, Nora 1/5/2018
Ishmael Southworth, E.D.E.N.
Island of the Blue Dolphins O’Dell, Scott short
Ivanhoe Scott, Sir Walter short
Jack and Jill Alcott, Louisa May short 7/5/2012
Jackaby series Ritter, William 1/31/2016
Jane Fairfax Aiken, Joan 3/8/2013
Jane in the Orient Swinehart, Louis desk
Jane of Lantern Hill Montgomery, L.M. short
Japanese Fairy Tales Ozaki, Yei Theodora Kindle 2/15/2018
Jeff White: Young Woodsman Dietz, Lew Young Guide 2014*
Jerry’s Charge account Wilson, Hazel
Jessica’s First Prayer Lamplighter
Jewels of the Sun Roberts, Nora trilogy
Jilted Laureano, Carla Kindle (doc)
Joan of Arc Twain, Mark
John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor Landmark
Johnny Tremain Forbes, Esther 4/25/2014
Joy of Gardening Raymon, Dick nonfiction – 635
Judy Bolton series Sutton, Margaret
Julius Caesar Landmark
Jungle series Snell, Ron short
Junket White, Anne
Justin Morgan Had a Horse Henry, Marguerite
Just-So Stories Kipling, Rudyard 2/18/2015
Katie John Calhoun, Mary
Katy Did Coolidge, Susan
Kay Tracey mysteries Judd, Frances
Kilmeny of the Orchard Montgomery, L.M. short 8/21/2018
King of the Wind Henry, Marguerite desk
Kingdom of Fear Thompson, Hunter nonfiction – 070
Kit Carson Landmark
Kitty’s Class Day Alcott, Louisa May
Kon Tiki Heyderdahl, Thor desk
Lacy Makes a Match Beatty, Patricia
Lad of Sunnybank Terhune, Albert Payson 12/6/2016
Lad: A Dog Terhune, Albert Payson
Laddie Porter, Gene Stratton
Lady Lollipop King-Smith, Dick
Lady Thief Hooper, Kay
Lament Stiefvater, Maggie Kindle
Landline Rowell, Rainbow
Landscaping with Wildflowers Wilson, Jim nonfiction – 635
Lassie Come-Home Knight, Eric
Led Zeppelin Cross, Charles nonfiction – 782
Letters of Freedom Grainger, Jean Kindle (doc)
Lexie Star mysteries Glidewell, Jeanne Kindle
Liam White, Kimber Kindle
Lies Women Believe DeMoss, Nancy Leigh religious
Lincoln and Douglas Landmark
Lion Hound Kjelgaard, Jim 3/15/2015
Lion of Liberty Unger, Harlow Giles nonfiction – 971 10/17/2017
Little Giant of the North Landmark
Little House books Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little Women Alcott, Louisa May
Living as a Christian Tozer, A.W. religious 8/25/2016
Lizard Music Pinkwater, Daniel
Lizzy and Jane Reay, Katherine Kindle
Lochinvar Luck Terhune, Albert Payson
Looking for Bobowicz Pinkwater, Daniel
Lorna Loves a Lawyer Hubalek, Linda Kindle
Lost Horse Balch, Glenn Famous Horse Stories
Lost in Translation Sanders, Ella nonfiction – 410
Lost Lake Margolin, Phillip
Love Among the Chickens Wodehouse, P.G. 12/22/2016
Love and Shenanigans Keane, Zara Kindle
Love by Degree Macomber, Debbie Kindle
Love’s Beginning Rawlings, Naomi Kindle
Love’s Funny That Way Burford, Pamela Kindle 7/13/2018
Low-Maitenance Gardening Matthews, Jackie nonfiction – 635 – box
Lulu’s Library Alcott, Louisa May
Lyra series Wrede, Patricia Kindle
Made from Scratch Woginrich, Jenna nonfiction – 640 2/3/2018
Magic Elizabeth Kassirer, Norma
Magic for Marigold Montgomery, L.M. short
Magic in the Alley Calhoun, Mary
Magician’s Workshop Hansen/Fehr 1/25/2017
Magnificent Obsession Douglas, Lloyd
Maids of Misfortune Locke, M. Louisa Kindle
Mail-Order Bride Macomber, Debbie Kindle 8/14/2017
Man O’ War Farley, Walter 2/1/2012
Mandy Edwards, Julie 7/28/2013
Marcia Schuyler Hill, Grace Livingston collection #3
Mark of Fire Phillips, Richard Kindle
Martin Harbottle’s Appreciation of Time Utton, Dominic 4/16/2016
Martin’s Mice King-Smith, Dick 7/27/2017
Mary’s Star Hays, Mary
Matilda Mason, Miriam
Maxa’s Children Spyri, Joanna desk
Me, You, and Tiramisu Butterfield, Charlotte Kindle
Midnight Savitt, Sam
Midnight Bayou Roberts, Nora
Midnight: Wild Stallion of the West Montgomery, Rutherford 12/18/2016
Millie’s Fling Mansell, Jill Kindle
Miranda the Great Estes, Eleanor
Mirror Lake trilogy Liasson, Miranda Kindle 8/18/2017
Mischievious Meg Lindgren, Astrid
Miss Billy books Porter, Eleanor H. desk 11/10/2017
Miss Lou Roe, E.P. short
Miss Marple Christie, Agatha 2015
Misty of Chincoteague books Henry, Marguerite 7/10/2016
Modern Conveniences (series) Atwood, Leah Kindle 8/19/2018
Molly Make-Believe Abbot, Eleanor short 7/29/2012
Money in the Bank Wodehouse, P.G. 7/14/2016
Money, Love, and Kate Porter, Eleanor H. desk
Monster Trucks and Hair in a Can Geist, Bill nonfiction – 338
Montana Tirrell, Norma nonfiction – 917
Montana Rescue series Warren, Susan May own prequel on Kindle – If Ever I Would Leave You
Montana Sky Roberts, Nora
Monty Python Speaks Morgan, David Kindle
More Than Pancakes Depetrillo, Christine Kindle
Motel of Mysteries Macaulay, David
Mother Carey’s Chickens Wigging, Kate Douglas
Mountain Pony books Larom, Henry Famous Horse Stories 2/4/2018
Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School Graham, Ysenda Maxtone Slightly Foxed
Mr. Ape King-Smith, Dick
Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins’s Widow Underwood, Timothy Kindle 5/27/2018
Mr. Darcy’s Letter Reynolds, Abigail Kindle
Mr. Darcy’s Promise Ellsworth, Jeanna Kindle 3/2/2015
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore Sloan, Robin 12/29/2017
Mr. Piper’s Bus Clymer, Eleanor
Mr. Popper’s Penguins Atwater, Richard
Mrs. Coverlet’s Magicians Nash, Mary
Murder is Easy Christie, Agatha 4/15/2016
Mustange: Wild Spirit of the West Henry, Marguerite
My Father’s House Ten Boom, Corrie religious
My Friend the Dog Terhune, Albert Payson desk
My Side of the Mountain George, Jean Craighead short
Mystery by Moonlight Jane, Mary
Mystery in Old Quebec Jane, Mary C.
Mystery in the Old Cave Orton, Helen Fuller
Mystery in the Pirate Oak Orton, Helen Fuller
Mystery Mountain Laughlin, Florence
Nancy Drew Keene, Carolyn
Nathaniels’ Nutmeg Milton, Giles nonfiction – 338
Nation of Enemies Raynes, H.A. Kindle
Never Tell a Lie Ephron, Hallie Kindle
New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening (A) Greystone Publishing nonfiction – 635
Nightfall Aiken, Joan
Nimona Stevenson, Noelle want to buy 8/8/2017
Nineteen Eight-Four Orwell, George short
No Children, No Pets Holland, Marion
Nobody’s Hero McMaster, Bec Kindle (doc) 2/15/18 – DNF – boring
Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane 4/15/2017
Northern Lights Roberts, Nora
Northwood books Johnson, Lois Walfrid
O The Red Rose Tree Beatty, Patricia
Ocean of Storms Mari, Christopher & Jeremy Brown Kindle
Of Beasts and Beauties various Kindle
Ohio Valley in Colonial Days Fernow, Berthold nonfiction – 977
Ohio: It’s People and Culture Crout, George nonfiction – 977
Ohio: The Buckeye State Collins, Williams nonfiction – 977
Old Bones Pace, Mildred
Old Reliable Wodehouse
Old Sam, Thoroughbred Trotter Taylor, Don
O’Malley series Henderson, Dee 2013
Once Upon a More Enlightened Time Garner, James Finn
One Lucky Hero Gary, Codi Kindle (series) 11/20/2017
One Thousand Gifts Voskamp, Ann religious
Only Dead on the Inside Breakwell, James nonfiction – 818 10/8/2017
Only the Truth Croft, Adam Kindle
Ordeal by Innocence Christie, Agatha 8/27/2016
Orienteering Boy Scouts of America nonfiction – 369
Our Bessie Carey, Rosa desk
Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris, and the Renegades of Nashville Streissguth, Michael Kindle
Over Sea, Under Stone Cooper, Susan 3/25/2013
Paddy’s Pot of Gold King-Smith, Dick
Pamela and the Blue Mare O’Connell, Alice
Passenger to Frankfurt Christie, Agatha 10/15/2016
Pat of Silver Bush Montgomery, L.M. short
Patrick Henry: Firebrand of the Revolution Landmark 7/13/2017
Penelope’s Progress Wiggin, Kate Douglas desk 6/30/2012
Perennials Consumer Guide nonfiction – 635
Perfect Patios and Terraces Mikolajski, Andrew nonfiction – 635 – box
Performing Flea Wodehouse, P.G.
Persuasion Austen, Jane
Pike of Pike’s Peak Landmark
Pilgrim’s Inn Goudge, Elizabeth series
Pioneering Boy Scouts of America nonfiction – 369
Pippa’s Cornish Dream Johnson, Debbie Kindle
Plain and Happy Living Byler, Emma nonfiction – 640
Planting for Color Through the Year Matthews, Jackie nonfiction – 635 – box
Planting with Perennials Bird, Richard nonfiction – 635 – box 6/9/2018
Plato’s Republic Plato nonfiction – 321
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories Garner, James Finn
Polly What’s-Her-Name Sherman, edith 6/10/2012
Pollyanna books Porter, Eleanor H. 2015
Practical Guide to Garden Design Time-Life Books nonfiction – 712
Prairie Colt Holt, Stephen Famous Horse Stories
Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane
Pride, Prejudice, and the Perfect Match Brant, Marilyn Kindle DNF (dumb)
Princess Academy books Hale, Shannon 2013*
Prodigal Girl Hill, Grace Livingston
Prophet Peretti, Frank
Pruning Success Mikolajski, Andrew nonfiction – 635 – box
Psmith books Wodehouse 2012
Pyramid of Secrets Higley, Tracy Kindle
Quanta Dodge, Lola Kindle
Quick Service Wodehouse
Rabbit Hill Lawson, Robert
Rain and Retribution Diamond, L.L. Kindle 5/20/2018
Rainbow’s End Hannon, Irene short
Rainy Days Diamond, L.L. P&P 6/14/2016
Ramona and Her Mother Cleary, Beverly
Ready Player One Cline, Ernest want to buy 2/10/2018
Rebecca du Maurier, Daphne 7/3/2012
Reclaiming Christianity Tozer, A.W. religious 6/17/2017
Red Moon Rising Greig, Pete religious
Red Rope of Fate Shea, K.M. Kindle
Remember the Alamo! Landmark
Remembered Death Christie, Agatha 5/20/2016
Remembrance of the Past Lilian, Lory Kindle 5/25/2018
Rescue Dog of the High Pass Kjelgaard, Jim Kindle 3/16/2018
Revel Carlton, Demelza Kindle
Ribsy Cleary, Beverly
Riddle-Master McKillip, Patricia 9/16/2018
Ride Like an Indian Larom, Henry 4/15/2018
Rider by Night books Anckarsvard, Karin
Right Plant, Right Place Matthews, Jackie nonfiction – 635 – box
Ring of Truth Weist, Jaclyn Kindle 6/11/2018
River’s End Roberts, Nora
Robert E. Lee Drinkwater
Robin Kane series Hill, Eileen
Robyn Hood Shea, K.M. Kindle
Romancing Wisconsin series Netzel, Stacey Joy Kindle 9/25/2018
Romo Romanowski, Bill nonfiction – 796
Root Cellaring Bubel, Mike nonfiction – 641
Royal Wedding Series Hauck, Rachel Kindle 5/1/2018
Rubies in the Roses Conroy, Vivian Kindle
Rumours and Recklessness Clarkston, Nicole Kindle 11/8/2017
Runaway Stallion Morey, Walt
Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime Pipes, Richard nonfiction – 947 8/27/2012
Rut, Rot, or Revival Tozer, A.W. religious
Salute Anderson, C.W.
Sanctus Toyne, Simon Kindle
Sarah’s Ground Rinaldi, Ann
Saving Mars Swanson, Cidney Kindle
Scallop Shores series DeCuir, Jennifer Kindle
Scotty Pit, Frances 7/10/2018
Scrub Dog of Alaska Morey, Walt
Secondborn Bartol, Amy Kindle
Secret Agents Four Sobel, Donald
Seeing Flowers Llewellyn, Robert nonfiction – 581
Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane short
Seven-Day Fiancee Harris, Rachel Kindle
Shadows McKinley, Robin 2/14/2014
Shamrock Queen Henry, Marguerite
Shearwater Murphy, D.S. Kindle (doc)
Shifted Temptations Black, CE Kindle (doc)
Shiftless Easterling, Aimee Kindle
Shooting Star Colver, Anne
Silver Cascade Secrets Christensen, Rachelle Kindle
Simon Bolivar Landmark
Simply Quartet Balogh, Mary FCDL booksale August 2018
Slave of Spiegel Pinkwater, Daniel 5 Novels
Small Plot, High Yield Gardening Gilbertie, Sal nonfiction – 635
Smoky James, Will
Snow Dog Kjelgaard, Jim 12/9/2015
Socks Cleary, Beverly
Some Fine Day Ross, Kat Kindle
Some Kind of Wonderful Freethy, Barbara Kindle
Somebody’s Pony Caffrey, Nancy
Sophie’s Heart Wick, Lori 7/15/2014
Sorcery & Cecelia series Wrede, Patricia Oct-16
Soul Graffiti Scandrette, Mark religious
Spindle’s End McKinley, Robin short 10/17/2013
Spinning Silver Novik, Naomi want to buy
Sprig Muslin Heyer, Georgette 7/17/2017
Spring Fever Wodehouse
Squire series Morris, Gerald 5/16/2018
Star Sand Pulvers, Roger Kindle
Statistically Improbable Peel, Jennifer Kindle
Staying at Daisy’s Mansell, Jill Kindle
Stealing Her Heart Johnson, Myra Website (gmail)
Steamborn Asher, Eric Kindle
Stormy Kjelgaard, Jim 7/30/2015
Strawberry Girl Lenski, Lois
Successful Gardening Ortho nonfiction – 635
Summer Lake Romance Series McCoy, SJ Kindle
Susannah the Pioneer Cow Mason, Miriam
Swamp Cat Kjelgaard, Jim on Kindle
Sylvia’s Farm Jordan, Sylvia nonfiction – 636
Talk to the Hand Truss, Lynne nonfiction
Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts Martin, Tovah nonfiction – 549
Tasks for the Gardener, Season by Season Mikolajski, Andrew nonfiction – 635 – box
Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance Mayer, Matt nonfiction – 323
Teller of Tales Brooke, William
Terms and Conditions Graham, Ysenda Maxtone Slightly Foxed 1/15/2017
Terms of Use Morris, Scott Allan Kindle
Texas Matchmakers Clopton, Debra Kindle
That Boy Johnny Sickles, Evelyn
The 20-30 Something Garden Guide Nash, Dee nonfiction – 635
The Adorable Imp Tobias, Jay
The Adventures of… Burgess, Thornton W.
The Affair of the Inn Wiggin, Kate Douglas desk
The Alley Estes, Eleanor
The American Flaggs Norris, Kathleen
The American Revolution Landmark
The Angel of His Prescense Hill, Grace Livingston collection #3
The Art of Conversation Morris, James nonfiction – 395
The Art of Making Sense Ruby, Lionel nonfiction – 108
The Associate Margolin, Phillip
The Backyard Homestead Madigan, Carleen nonfiction – 641
The Backyard Homestead Kitchen Know-How Book Chesman, Andrea nonfiction – 641
The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner Hansen, Ann Larkin nonfiction – 641 11/24/2017
The Baronet’s Song MacDonald, George
The Basket of Flowers Lamplighter 2/4/2018
The Beauty and the Beast Villeneuve, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot 11/22/2017
The Bequest Anika, Hope Kindle
The Black Fawn Kjelgaard, Jim 8/24/2015
The Black Moth Heyer, Georgette short
The Black Spaniel Mystery Cavanna, Betty 3/21/2013
The Black Stallion Farley Apr-18
The Blind Connemara Anderson, C.W.
The Blue Castle Montgomery, L.M. short 8/1/2015
The Blue Sword McKinley, Robin 1/16/2018
The Boden Birthright Connealy, Mary Kindle
The Book of Dragons Nesbit, E. short 1/13/2012
The Boomerang Clue Christie, Agatha 3/25/2016
The Boxcar Children Warner, Gertrude Chandler desk
The Bravehearted Gospel Ludy, Eric
The Breaking Light Hansen, Heather Kindle
The Butler Did It Wodehouse
The Captain’s Secret Hubbell, Harriet 3/28/2016
The Castle in the Attic Winthrop, Elizabeth
The Cat and Mrs. Cary Gates, Doris 1/17/2018
The Cat-Sitter Mystery Adorjan, Carol 8/1/2017
The Cattle Baron’s Daughter Mooore, S. Dionne short
The Chance of a Lifetime Hill, Grace Livingston Collection #8 7/24/2018
The Coat-Hanger Christmas Tree Estes, Eleanor
The Complete Book of Herbs Brenners, Lesley nonfiction – 635
The Complete Father Brown Mysteries Chesteron, G.K. Kindle
The Convenient Groom Hunter, Denise 5/13/2013
The Courtship of Sarah MacLean Castleberry, Stephen
The Covered Wagon Hough, Emerson
The Crane Wife Ness, Patrick want to buy 10/17/2015
The Creative Container Gardener Stevens, Elain nonfiction – 635
The Critter Terhune, Albert Payson
The Cross and the Switchblade Wilkerson, David religious
The Crystal Tree Lindquist, Jennie
The Curse Workers trilogy Black, Holly want to buy 2/19/2018
The Dangerous Book for Boys Iggulden, Hal nonfiction – 031
The Darkest Hour Schumacher, Tony Kindle DNF (violent and depressing)
The Decorated Garden Room Everlegh, Tessa nonfiction – 712
The Detective and the Unicorn Angel, Michael Kindle
The Divine Conquest Tozer, A.W. religious 12/2/2017
The Duke’s Dark Secret Bennett, Jessie Kindle (doc)
The Dumbest Generation Bauerlein, Mark nonfiction – 302
The Dusk Gate Chronicles Puttroff, Breeana Kindle
The Edible Garden Sunset nonfiction – 635
The Enchanted Castle Nesbit, E. 7/12/2018
The Endless Steppe Hautz, Esther short 4/14/2013
The Faith of a Collie Terhune, Albert Payson
The Falmouth Connection Starnes, Joana Kindle 2/21/2016
The Family Grandstand Brink, Carol Ryrie 10/15/2014
The Family Kitchen Garden Liebreich, Karen nonfiction – 635
The Far-Off Land Caudill, Rebecca 2/3/2015
The Foundling Heyer, Georgette 4/15/2018
The Four Loves Lewis, C.S. 3/5/2012
The Fox-Busters King-Smith, Dick
The Fruit-Gardener’s Bible Hill, Lewis nonfiction – 634 3/31/2017
The Gardening Book for Ohio McKeown, Denny nonfiction – 635
The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense Elgin, Suzette nonfiction – 153
The Gentleman’s Difficult Decision Levon, Lenora Kindle
The Ghost Rock Mystery Jane, Mary 11/5/2016
The Gift from the Sea Lindbergh, Anne Morrow want to buy 5/24/2012
The Ginger Horse Daly, Maureen
The Girl in Blue Wodehouse
The Giver quartet Lowery, Lois 12/1/2017
The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure David, Buddy
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Shaffer, Mary Ann
The Guest Book Whalen, Marbeth Kindle
The Hardcore Diaries Foley, Mick nonfiction – 796
The Have-More Plan Robinson, Ed & Carolyn nonfiction – 630
The Healing Herbs Castleman, Michael nonfiction – 613
The Heart of a Dog Terhune, Albert Payson
The Hidden Art of Homemaking Shaeffer, Edith nonfiction – 640
The Hidden Hand Southworth, E.D.E.N.
The Hiding Place Ten Boom, Corrie
The High Sierras American Wilderness nonfiction – 917
The Highly-Trained Dogs of Professor Petit Brink, Carol Ryrie
The Hitchhiker’s Guide series Adams, Douglas short
The Hoboken Chicken Mystery Pinkwater, Daniel
The Holiday Swap Stoneley, Zara Kindle 6/16/2018
The Horse Tamer Farley, Walter
The House of a Thousand Lanterns Holt, Victoria
The House of Brass Queen, Ellery short
The Houseguest Adams, Elizabeth P&P 3/6/2017
The Hundred and One Dalmatians Smith, Dodie 4/16/2013
The Hundred Dresses Estes, Eleanor 10/26/2013
The Hundreth Queen King, Emily Kindle
The Iliad Homer nonfiction – 883
The Illyrian Adventure Alexander, Lloyd
The Inheritance Alcott, Louisa May short 8/5/2012
The Isaac Project Monzon, Sarah Kindle
The Island Stallion Farley 2012
The Jungle Book Kipling, Rudyard short 12/23/2011*
The Kingdom of the Cults Martin, Walter nonfiction – 209
The Lady and the Mountain Man Beller, Misty Kindle (doc)
The Last Girl Hart, Joe Kindle
The Last Guru Pinkwater, Daniel 5 Novels
The Last Kingdom Cornwell, Bernard Kindle
The Lewis Trilogy May, Peter want to buy 5/15/2015
The Life of A.W. Tozier Snyder, James religious
The Life of the Forest McCormick, Jack nonfiction – 581
The Little Horse That Raced a Train Hays, Mary
The Little Maid of New England Curtis, Alice Turner
The Little Silver House Lindquist, Jennie
The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea Linfoot, Jane Kindle DNF (boring)
The Little White Horse Goudge, Elizabeth short 3/31/2018
The Lodger Lowndes, Marie Belloc Kindle 1/24/2018
The Magnificent Barb Faralla, Dana Famous Horse Stories
The Man in the Brown Suit Christie, Agatha 1/9/2016
The Man of the Desert Hill, Grace Livingston collection #3
The Marquess’ Temptation Bennett, Jessie Kindle
The Marquis de Lafayette Landmark
The Marrying Type Chapman, Laura Kindle
The Merman King-Smith, Dick
The Metamorphosis Kafka, Franz short
The Midsummer Captives Doue, Lea Kindle
The Missing Eriksson, Caroline Kindle (first)
The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Konigsburg, E.L. 1/4/2016
The Moffat series Estes, Eleanor 2013
The Mutual Admiration Society Kagen, Lesley Kindle
The Mysterious Benedict books Stewart, Trenton Lee 5/22/2017
The Mystery of the Empty Room Seaman, Augusta short 2/21/2018
The Mystery of the Haunted Pool Whitney, Phyllis short
The Mystery of the Jittery Dog-Walker Gottlieb, Robin
The Mystery of the Old Violin Seaman, Augusta
The Mystery of the Pilgrm Trading Post Molloy, Anne
The Mystery of the Six Clues Howard, Vernon
The Mystery of the Vanished Victim Queen, Ellery Jr.
The Naturalist Mayne, Andrew Kindle
The Nesting Place Smith, Myquillyn Nonfiction – 747 5/22/2017
The Neverending Story Ende, Michael 10/7/2013
The New Springtime Silverberg, Robert Kindle
The New Way Things Work Macauley, David nonfiction – 600 1/15/2017
The Nickel-Plated Beauty Beatty 10/31/2012
The Night Circus Morgenstern, Erin 10/28/2017
The Night They Stole the Alphabet Joslin, Sesyle
The Old Curiousity Shop Dickens, Charles
The Old Man and the Sea Hemmingway, Ernest short
The Pale Horse Christie, Agatha 9/7/2016
The Perfect Stranger Staub, Wendy Corsi Bookshout (gmail)
The Perfume of the Lady in Black Leroux, Gaston Kindle
The Phantom Roan Holt, Stephen Famous Horse Stories
The Phantom Tollbooth Juster, Norton
The Pink Motel Brink, Carol Ryrie
The Poisonwood Bible Kingsolver, Barbara short
The Prince and Betty Wodehouse, P.G. Kindle 4/17/2017
The Prince and the Pauper Twain, Mark short
The Princess Wick, Lori 4/1/2018
The Princess and the Goblin MacDonald, George 3/12/2018
The Principles of Gardening Johnson, Hugh nonfiction – 635
The Purpose of Man Tozer, A.W. 4/10/2012
The Pursuit of Mary Bennet Mingle, Pamela Kindle 6/18/2018
The Queen’s Nose King-Smith, Dick
The Queen’s Poisoner Wheeler, Jeff Kindle
The Quiet Little Woman Alcott, Louisa May
The Racketty-Packetty House Burnett, Frances Hodgson
The Ragamuffin Gospel Manning, Brennan religious
The Randolphs Alden, Isabella GLH Collection #8
The Reckoning Tyndall, Mary Lu Kindle (doc)
The Reluctant Widow Heyer, Georgette 11/19/2017
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen Alexander, Lloyd short
The Riddle of the Lonely House Seaman, Augusta
The Riddle of the Sands Childers, Erskine Kindle
The Robe Douglas, Lloyd
The Rose-Garden Husband & Sequel Widdemer, Margaret Kindle 12/12/2017
The Rosemary Tree Goudge, Elizabeth
The Roundhill King-Smith, Dick
The Royal Treatment Summers, Melanie Kindle 8/20/2018
The Rumpelstiltskin Problem Velde, Vivian Vande 3/14/2018
The Runaways Goudge, Elizabeth short 3/31/2018
The Safe Lands trilogy Williamson, Jill Kindle
The Scarlet Pimpernel series Orzcy 12/11/11*
The Scent of Water Goudge, Elizabeth 4/7/2017
The Scented Garden Allardice, Pamela nonfiction – 635
The School Mouse King-Smith, Dick
The Scorpio Races Stiefvater, Maggie 9/8/2016
The Searcher Toyne, Simon 12/29/2015*
The Second Chance Starnes, Joana Kindle 6/9/2018
The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson
The Secret Horse Holland, Marion
The Secret Keepers Stewart, Trenton Lee 7/4/2017
The Secret of Chimneys Christie, Agatha 2/5/2016
The Secret of Crossbone Hill Gage, Wilson
The Secret of the Old Post Box Sterling, Dorothy
The Secret Road Lancaster, Bruce Kindle
The Secrets of Rosa Lee Thomas, Jodi short
The Seven Sleuths Club Norton, Carol
The Shallow Waters of Romance Darcy, Charlotte Kindle (doc)
The Shift Chronicles Truesdale, Eva Kindle
The Show Lamb Wriston, Hildreth
The Silver Spoon Mystery Sterling, Dorothy
The Siren Wars Robinson, KM Kindle
The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death Pinkwater, Daniel
The Song of Albion Lawhead, Stephan Kindle
The Song of the Cardinal Porter, Gene Stratton
The Speed of Sound Bernt, Eric Kindle
The Substitue Bride O’Brien, Kathleen Kindle
The Substitute Swank, Denise Grover Kindle 8/12/2018
The Sugarbush Family Mason, Miriam
The Sun Also Rises Hemmingway, Ernest 3/22/2012
The Swamp Fox of the Revolution Landmark
The Swoop! Wodehouse, P.G. Kindle 1/17/2017
The Tale of Despereaux DiCamillo, Kate
The Talisman Ring Heyer, Georgette short 12/24/2012
The Temporary Agent Judson, Daniel Kindle
The Temporary Wife Moon, Jeannie Kindle 8/9/2018
The Three Musketeers Dumas, Alexandre desk
The Tomorrow Heist Soren, Jack Kindle
The Treasure is the Rose Cunningham, Julia
The Treasure Seekers Nesbit, E. short
The Trick series Corbett, Scott 5/31/2013
The Velvet Room Snyder, Zilpha Keatley 5/17/2012
The View from Saturday Konigsburg, E.L. 1/10/2016
The Viking’s Chosen Loftis, Quinn check for sequel 2/15/2018
The Villa Roberts, Nora
The Way of a Dog Terhune, Albert Payson 3/20/2016
The Wedding Shop Hauck, Rachel
The Weight of Glory Lewis, C.S. religious
The Whisky Wedding West, Elizabeth Ann Kindle DNF (boring)
The Whistling Stallion Holt, Stephen Famous Horse Stories
The White Tiger Chan, Kylie Kindle
The Who’s Who of Doctor Who McEwan, Cameron nonfiction – 791
The Wicked Marquis Ellingson, Marnie 2/28/2017
The Wicked Marquis Oppenheim, E. Phillips Kindle
The Wild Heart Squier, Emma desk
The Witnesses Patterson, James Kindle
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Aiken, Joan 7/28/2013
The Woman in the Window Finn, A.J. 12/22/2017
The Wonderful Tumble of Timothy Smith Shorthall, Leonard
The World According to Clarkson Clarkson, Jeremy nonfiction – 827
The World of Captain John Smith Foster, Genevive nonfiction – 909 4/25/2018
The World of Pooh Milne, A.A. 3/11/2012
The World of Trees Ortho nonfiction – 635
There Was a Horse Savitt, Sam
These Strange Ashes Elliot, Elisabeth religious
They Came to Baghdad Christie, Agatha 7/8/2016
They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? McManus, Patrick
Thirty Days to Thirty Psak, Courtney Kindle 10/29/2017
This Adventure Ends Mills, Emma want to buy 3/5/2018
This Present Darkness Peretti, Frank
Thomas Alva Edison Landmark
Thomas Jefferson Landmark
Three Birthday Wishes Holberg, Ruth Langland
Three Dates with Mr. Darcy West, Elizabeth Ann Kindle
Three Day Fiancee Clarke, Marissa Kindle
Three Fates Roberts, Nora
Three Men in a Boat Jerome, Jerome K. 11/18/2016
Thursday’s Child Santarsiero, Pat P&P 2015
Time and Again Roberts, Nora
Time Cat Alexander, Lloyd 1/27/2012
Time to Go House Edmonds, Walter 7/28/2013
Tips for the Lazy Gardener Tilgner, Linda nonfiction – 635
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross Lamplighter
To Kill a Mockingbird Lee, Harper want to buy 7/20/2012
Together: Communicating Interpersonally Stewart, John nonfiction – 302
Tommy & Tuppence Christie, Agatha 2012
Too Darn Hot Burford, Pamela Kindle
Top Horse of Crescent Ranch Hastings, Howard
Towards Zero Christie, Agatha 5/2/2016
Treve Terhune, Albert Payson
Trixie Belden series Campbell/Kenny
Twelfth Night Shakespeare
Twenty Gallant Horses Anderson, C.W.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Verne, Jules 9/14/13*
Twisted Hennessy, Bonnie Kindle (doc)
Two are Better Than One Brink, Carol Ryrie short 11/13/2012
Two Dogs and a Horse Kjelgaard, Jim
Ukridge Wodehouse, P.G. 12/22/2016
Under the Lilacs Alcott, Louisa May 8/12/2012
Under the Window Hill, Grace Livingston Collection #8
Understood Betsy Canfield, Dorothy 4/28/2018
Unequal Affections Ormiston, Lara 5/17/2018
Unicorn Magic Marshall, Roz Kindle (doc)
Until There Was You Higgins, Kristan short 8/24/2018
Unto the End Hill, Grace Livingston collection #3
Unwilling Adams, Elizabeth Kindle 7/9/2017
Unwilling Bride Ellingson, Marnie short 8/25/2018
Uprooted Novik, Naomi 9/20/2018
Utah Lion Johnson, James Ralph
Veiled Empire Garrison, Nathan Kindle
Virtually Sleeping Beauty Robinson, KM Kindle
Visual Dictionary of Plants Eyewitness nonfiction – 580
Wagging Tails Henry, Marguerite
Walden Thoreau, Henry David nonfiction – 818
Wallflowers Bailey, Temple 8/19/2012
Watcher Small, Shawnee Kindle (doc)
Water Gardens Sunset nonfiction – 635
Watership Down Adams, Richard short
We Were There at Pearl Harbor Sutton, Felix Landmark 4/13/2013
We Were There at the Battle of Lexington and Concord Landmark
We Were There on the Santa Fe Trail Landmark
We Were There with Lewis and Clark Landmark
Wedding Date for Hire Shirk, Jennifer Kindle
Wedding Date Rescue Weiss, Sonya Kindle 2/10/2018
Werewolf Boxed Set Marsh, Anne Kindle
When I don’t Desire God Piper, John religious 6/6/2012
When It’s Real Watt, Erin Kindle
When Patty Went to College Webster, Jean desk 8/6/2018
White Rose, Black Forest Dempsey, Eoin Kindle
White Stallion of Lipizza Henry, Marguerite
Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin Bream, Jon nonfiction – 782
Wild Horse Running Savitt, Sam
Wild Horse Tamer Balch, Glenn Famous Horse Stories
Wild Palomino Holt, Stephen Famous Horse Stories 4/18/2017
Wind in the Willows series Grahame, Kenneth 1/20/2012
Window Boxes Matthews, Jackie nonfiction – 635 – box
Wingman Pinkwater, Daniel
Winner Takes All Roberts, Nora
Wives of War Lane, Soraya Kindle
Wolf Terhune, Albert Payson
Wolf Signs Arend, Vivian Kindle
Wolves of Mercy Falls Stiefvater, Maggie Jun-15
Woman with a Secret Hannah, Sophie Kindle
Worth the Wait Boone, Annie Kindle
Wrestling Prayer Ludy, Eric 1/13/2018
Yard and Garden Projects Better Homes & Gardens nonfiction – 712
Year-Round Vegetable Gardening Jabbour, Niki nonfiction – 635
Yobgorgle Pinkwater, Daniel
Young Adult Novel Pinkwater, Daniel 5 Novels
Young Men in Spats Wodehouse, P.G.
Young Pioneers Lane, Rose Wilder short