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Who I Am

Outside of books, I am a…

  • wife
  • daughter
  • sister
  • aunt
  • fat-cat owner
  • full-size van driver
  • hiker
  • border collie herder
  • tree climber
  • dreamer
  • writer
  • procrastinator
  • Jesus lover

13 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Would you be open to reviewing my book? I can set you up with a free eBook copy from iTunes, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobel if you are. (Sorry about contacting you informally like this. I searched your blog for an email but couldn’t find one. I’m also halfway awake right now, so it could literally be right in front of me and somehow I’m missing it.)


  2. Wonderful way of introducing you and your blog. Will go to the other posts of your blogs soon. I am an Agatha Christie fan myself and doing a challenge to read all her works in my blog. It is really nice to discover your wonderful blog…:)


    • Thank you for visiting my blog! I have also been working my way through all over Christie’s novels… I read all of the Poirot novels last year, and even though I had read most of them at some point before, reading them in their published order really added a lot to the background of the books – I highly recommend it!

      Also, definitely read her autobiography, which is just delightful in every way. She was such a fascinating woman!

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  3. Hi Sarah,

    I like your reviews and want to request that you consider reading my latest novel, but I could not find a review policy on your blog. Do you accept submissions?

    All the best, and keep blogging!

    Patrick Kelly


    website: patrickkellystories.com


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