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Ratings Method of Fictional Work

So when I read nonfiction, it just is what it is.  I read it, I learn from it, and I move on, rarely to return.

But fiction…  well, the whole point of reading it is for pleasure.  There are many  books that I read time and again for the joy that they bring.

So, while I don’t bother rating nonfiction works, I do have an informal system for fiction…

1::I can’t even believe I wasted my time reading this book once.

2::I’m glad I read it once, but I doubt I’ll ever read it again.

3::This book was fun, but lacked any real depth.  I might pick it up again in a few years.

4::I loved this book and thought the plot and characters were rich enough that I will definitely read this book again.

5::I wish these people were alive so I could hang out with them.  The closest I’ll ever get is to read this book so often that I memorize all of their actions and dialogue so that my imaginary conversations with them will be accurate.

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