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The Essence

I love books.  Trust me, I am no expert.  I’ve never studied literature; I am not a librarian.  I tend to take books at their surface-level, rarely reading a lot of interpretation into the situation.

But the short of it is, I simply love books.  I spend far more time than I should reading, and I cover a lot of territory.  Historical fiction, fantasy, young adult, children’s, mystery, non-fiction, biographies, even a bit of sci-fi–I’ll try almost anything.

Feel free to contact me any time, either through replying to whatever page has intrigued you, the “Ask” on my main tumblr (manycurrentssmallpuddle), or via email at itsthegoodlife15@gmail.com.  I love hearing from other readers!

“I’m not a book blog…  why in the world are you following me??”

If you’re thinking this, it’s probably because you commented/liked a post over on my house blog.  Lately, in the midst of renovation, I’ve started following more DIY/remodeling blogs to get ideas (and encouragement!), but since The Aroma of Books is my main blog, that’s what shows up as following you!

2 thoughts on “The Essence

    • Exactly – books are always useful for something, even if it’s just propping up a wobbly shelf!!!

      By the way, I also run the blog ohmywhathavewedone, which is where you commented the other day, and how I ended up checking out your blog, in case you were wondering. :-D


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