Rearview Mirror // August 2022

Okay, it’s only been about a week since July’s Rearview, so maybe I’m making progress after all!

Favorite August Read

My favorite out of my new reads (The Small Bachelor wins overall, but it was a reread) was probably The Hidden Onethe latest in the Kate Burkholder series.  While it wasn’t my favorite book in the series, it was still a really solid installment.

Most Disappointing August Read

Have to go with Pat of Silver Bush.  Even though I had pretty low expectations, it was honestly even worse than I thought it would be.  So sad.

Other August Reads

August Stats

  • Total Number of Books Read:  18
  • Total Pages Read:  5594
  • Average Star Rating for August:  3.67
  • Longest Book: The Hidden Hand (462 pages)
  • Shortest Book:  The Diary of a Provincial Lady (129 pages)
  • Oldest Book:  The Hidden Hand (published 1859)
  • Newest Book: The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip, The Hidden One, and The It Girl were all published in 2022
  • Top Genre: Happy (my category for fun, low-stress books that aren’t particularly romance) (6 books)
  • Top Format: Hardcover (10 books)
  • Top Source: Owned (12 books)

August Challenge Updates

  • New states visited: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont
  • Chunksters read (800+pgs): 0
  • Almost-a-chunksters read (450-799pgs): 1
  • Classics read: 0
  • Nonfiction read: 1

TBR Update

This is current as of today, not the end of August!!  Since it’s only been a week, there probably won’t be much difference lol …other than me getting another Book Outlet order… whoops!

  • Standalones:  490 (holding steady)
  • Nonfiction:  132 (holding steady)
  • Personal (which includes all books I own (fiction and nonfiction), but lists any series I own as only one entry…):  601 (holding steady)
  • Series (each series counted separately, not each book within a series):  250 (holding steady)
  • Mystery Series (each series counted separately, not each book within a series): 110 (down one)
  • New Arrivals – (I have a lot of books that I have been gifted or that I pick up somewhere and they get put on my “oh I’m so excited about this shiny new book” shelf… and then of course don’t actually get read.): 174 (up seven haha)

Current Reads

I’m still reading Middlemarch, Little House on the Prairie, and Frankenstein.  I also started another daily-read book that I just read during lunch, however far I get – nonfiction called Cold War.  Quite interesting so far.

My everyday read right now is the second Cleopatra Fox mystery that I’m buddy reading with my sister, Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse.

Last Time on “Up Next”

Did I actually read my probable next five reads from last time?

Well, it’s only been a week, so we’ll see…

  • Spider Woman’s Daughter – Nope! This one is still on the shelf, but it’s moved to the back burner for now.
  • Frederica – Yes!  This was a reread but I couldn’t remember all the ins and outs. Georgette Heyer is just perfection, though, and I 100% loved this one.
  • Not That Kind of Guy – Kind of!! I started it, read about 80 pages, and bailed.  It wasn’t even that bad.  I just realized that I’m tired of reading contemporary romances with bitchy leads who excuse their bitchiness by saying all men are jerks and this is just what they have to do to “make it a man’s world” (absolute BS). I was also over here going on and on and on about how she’s SO MUCH OLDER than the love interest… five years is a gap, but it also doesn’t feel like it’s so much of a gap that we need to talk about every other page.  In general, I’m just over contemporary romance because the gap between what’s acceptable to most people (per romance novels, anyway) and my personal beliefs and morals has become so huge that it’s rare for me to find a book that can bridge them. /end rant
  • Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse – current read!!
  • Songs of Willow Frost – Not yet!!

Up Next

My probable next five reads…

  • Songs of Willow Frost really is going to be one of my next books (I think)
  • Twelve Percent Dread by Emily McGovern – a graphic novel that I may or may not like
  • Ben and Me by Robert Lawson, The Roundhill by Dick King-Smith, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach – all of these are really short books that check off challenges for January, so I’ll probably try to read them all by the end of the month, considering they are less than 300 pages altogether!

Woohoo!! That’s August in the books!!  On to September!!