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The Waterfire Saga // by Jennifer Donnelly

I was doing so well about posting there for a hot minute!  I guess it’s time to delve into some reads from January…

  • Deep Blue (2014)
  • Rogue Wave (2015)
  • Dark Tide (2015)
  • Sea Spell (2016)

I’m not sure when or how this series got added to my TBR, especially since mermaids aren’t usually my thing.  However, I really got drawn into Donnelly’s world and adventures centered around the heiress to a mermaid throne, Serafina.  I thought that Donnelly did a great job of keeping me aware that we were underwater without emphasizing it too much, although there were times that I was confused about how things really worked in a world where everyone is floating all the time (like how does one sit on a chair??), and also where things are constantly underwater – but I’ll also admit that the magic part of the world felt pretty seamless to the point that if something didn’t make 100% sense to me, I was willing to think, “Well, it’s probably magic!” and move on without getting too distracted.

Although Serafina is the main character, a prophecy draws together several other mermaids from different kingdoms.  This was a point where things could have gotten very confusing, but Donnelly did a great job of pacing her introduction of new characters.  While I wished some of them could have been fleshed out more, I got enough to make me actually care about each of them and what was going on with them.

The grand finale came together fairly well.  There were a couple of different things going on and I wasn’t sure if they were all going to tie together, but I felt pretty satisfied on the whole.

At the end of the day, a solid 4* series.  I don’t feel like I need to buy these and read them time and again, but they were really well done and perfect for me at the beginning of January when I was feeling a little overloaded on Christmas romances!!  I can also see myself checking out some of Donnelly’s other books, although I’m not sure where to start – let me know if you have a favorite.

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