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The Stanislaskis series // by Nora Roberts

  • Taming Natasha (1990)
  • Luring a Lady (1991)
  • Falling for Rachel (1993)
  • Convincing Alex (1994)
  • Waiting for Nick (1997)
  • Considering Kate (2001)

Nora Roberts is stupidly prolific, so I’m still working my way through her entire body of work here and there.  Even when they aren’t great, they’re usually good for a one-off read.  I still haven’t read anything by her that I love as much as the Bridal Quartet, which I’ve read multiple times (Nora, don’t you want to do a second-gen story about that group??? Please??), but generally speaking her writing is fun and fluffy.  She writes a lot of romantic suspense, so that was kind of what I was expecting from these, but they ended up being pretty much just straight romance.  Consequently, they weren’t super exciting, but they were definitely relaxing and enjoyable.

The first four books follow one of my favorite tropes – focusing on different members of a sibling group.  I really enjoy series that build this way (or within a group of close friends), where each book stands on its own, but you’re rewarded by reading them all in order because you get to see the fun of earlier couples being happy and adorable in the background.  Honestly, there wasn’t anything super innovative or memorable about these books, but sometimes I just need some brain fluff!!!

The last two books focus on children of the original group of siblings, another favorite thing of mine.  I loved seeing everyone a decade or so later.  They were my favorite two books of the bunch and the ones I would be most likely to reread.

All in all, nothing crazy, but an enjoyable series and another batch of books checked off of my Nora Roberts to-read list!!

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