Oh my gosh not only did WordPress change it’s editing layout AGAIN now the entire dashboard is completely wonk and I HATE IT.  Seriously, please let me know if you are working on a blog layout that actually makes sense instead of this god-forsaken hellscape that WordPress’s dashboard has become.

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    • I can get it back for an individual post if I choose to use the Classic editor as a block post. I haven’t found any other way to edit it. I could work around that, but the actual dashboard is now a horrific mess. My biggest issue is that I have TONS of pages (rather than posts) because that’s how I index everything. Those pages used to be listed on my dashboard in the order that they are on my blog (i.e., alphabetical with nested pages under their appropriate “parent” page) but now – they’re just jumbled together. I honestly have no idea how they’re “sorted” – possibly in reverse editing order?? Or something?? And I can’t find any way to search or order them, which means that if I want to edit a page I apparently have to scroll through all of them?? I’m honestly not completely sure because I looked at it for about three minutes before having an emotional meltdown haha

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