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Tales of Magic series // by Edward Eager

  • Half Magic
  • Knight’s Castle
  • Magic by the Lake
  • The Time Garden
  • Magic or Not?
  • The Well-Wishers
  • Seven-Day Magic

This is an absolutely delightful series of children’s stories published in 1950’s.  All of them are loosely connected, and some of them are more connected than others.  Half Magic is about some siblings having adventures.  When Knight’s Castle starts it doesn’t seem as though any of the same characters are there… until you hear the names of the aunts and uncles!

These aren’t books that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but if you are looking for something relaxing, wholesome, and appropriate to read with younger members of your family, these are absolutely perfect.

Half Magic, which happens to be set here in Ohio, starts when four children discover a talisman that grants wishes… sort of.  Turns out, it only grants half your wish!  So in order to make a full wish work out, sometimes you have to use some creative wording, which naturally leads to many shenanigans.  In the next book, a model castle comes to life… sort of.  Magic by the Lake occurs on a summer vacation, as does The Time Garden – in the former, there are many watery shenanigans, while the latter takes the characters through time and space.

In Magic or Not? and The Well-Wishers there is a bit of a switch – instead of being overtly magic, it’s a bit of a question (as the title implies) – much of what happens could be explained away logically but… it does seem a bit coincidental!

The final book switches back to actual magic when some children check a book out from the library and it sends them on magical adventures.

Some of the books have overlapping characters and some have overlapping stories.  Technically they can be read individually, but I had a great deal of fun reading them in a row and seeing all the little connections.

Like I said, these books aren’t particularly thrilling, but they are great fun and are the exact kind of stories that appeal to younger readers as well.

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