Alpha Erased // by Aileen Erin

//published 2020//

Oh my, time is flying by!!  Yesterday was the release date for the latest addition to the Alpha Girl series and I totally forgot to post my review!!

While this series is somewhat outside my normal reading fare, I’ve really enjoyed the journey.  Erin writes likable characters and engaging scenarios, and I completely blew through this book as fast as I could.  I’m not sure how well this one would have read without the background of the rest of the series – there are a lot of characters to track and various types of creatures (like fey and werewolves and all that other great paranormal stuff) interact in specific ways in Erin’s world, so I do recommend starting at the beginning and going from there.  (You can read my reviews of the rest of the series here.)

In this story, Tessa is kidnapped, so we spend a lot of the story reading Dastien’s perspective.  I was super stoked to get inside his head for a little bit, because I’m pretty fond of Dastien.  I could have used a smidge less time of him flipping out about Tessa’s disappearance (he’s easily triggered, geez) as that got a bit repetitive, but overall this book just made me like Dastien more than ever.

This book’s strength is also its weakness in a way – it’s heavy on action.  That’s great for keeping the pages turning and keeping me wondering what was going on next, but now awesome for building relationships.  I get that Dastien and Tessa are forever bound to each other etc. but it would have been lovely to see a little more time of Dastien wooing Tessa back after she was kidnapped.

But if you enjoy paranormal adventures, I definitely recommend this series.  It’s great fun and I can’t wait to see which direction Erin heads next!

NB: I received this book as an ARC, which does not impact my review.