Lodestars Anthology: New Zealand

Last year, I subscribed to a readers’ quarterly called Slightly Foxedwhich I love.  It’s just so delightful to read about books people love, not necessarily books that are ‘in’ or best sellers.  It’s a very friendly publication, and when they include an advertisement for another publication, Lodestars AnthologyI decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I knew it was a travelers’ magazine of sorts, with lots of pictures.  But when I received my first issue, I was blown away by the amazing quality of this publication.  It’s half an inch thick, printed on matte (rather than glossy) paper, and it loaded with fantastic photography and artwork, plus tons of well-written and engaging articles.

Each issue focuses on a different country, and this – Issue 8 – stars New Zealand, which happens to be a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting.  And after reading LA, I want to go even more.  The publication does a really fantastic job of exploring all sorts of different aspects of the country – outdoor pursuits, out-of-the-way curiosities, restaurants, and town cultures.  I thoroughly enjoyed every page, and still find myself flipping through it.  It’s like a colorful reference book.

My biggest disappointment is that I can no longer purchase the first two issues, which are now out of stock – England and Scotland.

All in all, I’m quite looking forward to my next issue, and highly recommend checking out this delightful publication.

NB all pictures from LA’s website.