Toss the Bouquet // by Ruth Logan Herne, Amy Matayo, and Janice Thompson

The spring installment of the second Year of Weddings was marginally better than the first (A Season to Wed), but only marginally, as I didn’t even finish the second story in this collection.  Overall, sometimes it feels like the authors are just trying to hard.

All Dressed Up in Love by Ruth Logan Herne – 3/5 – While this wasn’t a bad little story, legit the ENTIRE time Tara keeps going on and on and ON in  her head about all the reasons why Greg isn’t a good match for her – and a lot of her thoughts are really reasonable!  Then she finds out ONE small good thing that Greg has been doing – and decides that all of her other thinking was ridiculous – and then all of a sudden, in front of a whole bunch of people, Greg proposes?!?!  They’ve barely even talked during the entire story!  Like, if he had come back from his trip and been like, “Hey, we should definitely be a serious couple,” then I could have gotten behind the whole thing, but there was no way that I could believe that they were going to go off and have a great marriage – the epilogue made me roll my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head.

In Tune With Love by Amy Matayo – DNF – I flat out hated April, who was obnoxious and annoying.  It also unreasonably aggravated me that she was always writing song lyrics down on all sorts of things, like okay I can understand a napkin in a pinch, but using ALL the toilet paper????  Buy a freaking notebook for pity’s sake!  Overall, she was just so unforgiving and ridiculous.  Her sister was supposed to be this horrible selfish person, but she was the only person giving April any kind of reasonable advice.  None of the characters’ actions matched who they supposedly were as people, so the whole story felt dumb and disjointed and I gave up about halfway through.

Never a Bridesmaid by Janice Thompson – 3/5 – This was actually a really fun little story, but the entire premise is built around the fact that Mari sister doesn’t choose Mari as her maid of honor – and it made NO sense.  Mari and Crystal are super close and really genuinely good friends as well as sisters, so while I can accept that MAYBE Crystal let her future mother-in-law pressure her into choosing someone else as her maid of honor, I couldn’t believe that she put six other friends ahead of Mari in the line.  So while I wanted to like this story better, there was this huge illogical jump from the get-go that really annoyed me.