The Tottering TBR // Episode XVI

This has been a really pleasant week.  A lot of projects are getting done around the house (PAINTING FENCE), but I’m still in a happy reading groove as well.  The Fourth of July was a super happy day – we did a few productive things in the morning while it was cool and then spent the hot and muggy day being completely lazy in the air conditioning, and it was great.  I spent the day doing some organizing of my own books, both on the shelves and on the TBR, which resulted in some drastically different numbers this week from last week.

Added to the General TBR:

With a great show of restraint, I only added four books this week.  I realized that I’ve never read Kipling’s Kim, and it really feels like that’s one I should check off.  I also added Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson because I remembered that I enjoyed her earlier book, Edenbrooke, quite some while back.

Prisoner of Night & Fogwhich Bibliobeth reviewed, sounds super intriguing, with a great historical setting and all kinds of potential adventures.  Meanwhile, Fictionophile’s review of The Widow’s House definitely sounded exciting as well.

Off the General TBR:

One off this week – Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson.  This was a solid read that meant that my Dee Henderson binge ended on a good note.

Total for the General TBR:  786 – up three.


Added to the Personal TBR:

This tab got a bit confusing – a lot of books came on and off so the numbers are all kinds of whack.  However, I did completely indulge myself by purchasing a trio of books from Slightly Foxed – I can’t resist them! – by Adrian Bell.  I’m quite excited to read them, both because the stories sound charming, and because just holding these books is perfect.

Off the Personal TBR:

See notes above!  However, I did review both Reclaiming Christianity by A.W. Tozer and The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart – which were both on my list!

Total for the Personal TBR:  594 (down 35!!!!!)


Added to the Series TBR:

While going through all my old reviews, I realized that I actually would kind of like to read Colleen Houck’s crazy tiger-prince books again.  Maybe.  Someday.

And, again inspired by Slightly Foxed – while I have a vague memory of dad reading Swallows and Amazons out loud to us when I was quite small, I’ve never really read them, and they again feel like childhood classics.  So they are now on the list!

Off the Series TBR:

Nothing… and I’m not even in the middle of a series right now!  No progress in sight!

Total for the Series TBR:  222 (up two)


Added to the Mystery Series TBR:


Off the Mystery Series TBR:

I finished the Joseph O’Laughlin series, so it is now checked off the list!  I’m sorry to see Joe go – but I’m excited to get something off!!

Total for the Mystery Series TBR:  102 (DOWN one!)


Added to the Nonfiction TBR:

Tragedy struck in the form of a post  by The Literary Sisters wherein they looked at several books that revolve around maps.  Basically, I want to read them all, and then find more books about maps.  I LOVE MAPS.  I actually own piles of maps, and have a giant one of the US hanging on our wall.  I pull out my map of the UK when I’m reading books set there; I plot trips on Google Maps that I have no intention of taking; I pull out my Ohio Atlas just to flip through it and look at parks and roads and towns that I’ve never noticed before.  Point being, their post caused me to add four titles to this list!

I’ve also been reading a children’s biography of Patrick Henry, and really enjoying it.  It inspired me to try and find a more “serious” biography of his life – I added Lion of Liberty: The Life and Times of Patrick Henry by Harlow Giles Unger, but am open to other suggestions if any of you know of a better option??

Off the Nonfiction TBR:

Nothing, of course!  Currently I am reading several nonfiction volumes, they just all happen to be ones that I own, so they aren’t actually on this section of the list…

Total for the Nonfiction TBR:  81 (up five)


Grand Total for the Week:  11 up and 37 down (thanks to crazy math on the Personal TBR :-D) so I am going to seize that victory and revel in it, even though it will never happen again!!