The Tottering TBR // Episode VI

A weekly post wherein I pretend to lament the fact that I have so many books on my TBR… but in fact am secretly rubbing my hands together with delight that there are so many amazing books left to be discovered…

Added to the General TBR:

crosstalkOkay, so I am going to switch up the format of both this and the Personal tab just a smidge for these posts.  Basically, I’ve recently subscribed to several email lists that send out book bargains every day, which means that I’m adding quite a few books to the General TBR, and also free Kindle books to the Personal list.  So while I’ll update how many books have been added, I really only want to bother mentioning individually the books that have been added to the list thanks to an actual specific person/blogger, unless, of course, a book I added is just so amazing that I have to ramble about them!

So there is this problem with finishing a really good book – it means that I want to read other books by the same author!  This little issue added a lot of books to the TBR this week.  Six books in this category, specifically – five by Phillip Margolin (as the Amanda Jaffe books were quite good, and he’s written several stand-alones), and Robert Glancy’s other book, Please Do Not Disturb since I actually ended up really enjoying Terms & Conditions.  

As for actual reviews, I’m kind of behind on reading them, but I was intrigued by The Captive Reader’s review of Crosstalk by Connie Willis.  While Claire says that there were some weaknesses to quibble about, overall Crosstalk is “gloriously fun.  Fast-paced and full of delightful banter, it is a wonderful romantic comedy wrapped in a sci-fi plot.  The best of all possible combinations.”

Advertising emails added another six books to the list, so I’m tragically up 13 this week!

Off the General TBR:

terms-conditionsThree books were actually read and reviewed this week.  To Refine Like Silver by Jeanna Ellsworth will appear on December’s minireviews.  I also reviewed Terms & Conditions by Robert Glancy and The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey, both of which were surprisingly engaging.

I had one DNF this week – Greygallows by Barbara Michaels.  Several chapters in and the story was just so dull, with the main character/narrator just meandering about acting amazingly ignorant and shallow.  I just didn’t care what happened to her.

Two books got knocked off the list – Libriomancer is apparently the first book in a series, so it moved over a tab.  The Young Lady from Paris by Joan Aiken just didn’t actually sound interesting to me (I added all of Aiken’s books to the list a while back), so it was removed entirely.

So – six off!

Total for the General TBR:  856 (up seven!)


Added to the Personal TBR:

Those free Kindle books are still haunting me, and another seven were added this week!  Most of them are actually novellas and should be fast reads that do genuinely give me an idea as to whether or not I ever want to read something else by that author, but still!

Off the Personal TBR:

I did read one book from the Personal list this week, but I haven’t reviewed it yet, so it doesn’t count.  Next week!

Total for the Personal TBR:  574 (up seven!)


Added to the Series TBR:

unmade_coverBecause I enjoyed the Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan so much, I added her other series to the list, Demon’s Lexicon.  I’m not 100% certain about this series since I’m not really into demon books (since I believe demons are actually real and evil so reading them as sympathetic or fantasy characters isn’t really comfortable), but Brennan’s writing is so funny and engaging that I’m willing to at least give them a try.

The Magic Ex Libris series by Jim Hines got shifted over from the General TBR, and I also added a fluffy romance series from one of the advertising emails, so a total of three up.

Off the Series TBR:

Hey, hey, I actually finished one!  The Lynburn Legacy is off the list, even if I did just technically switch if for Brennan’s other series…

Total for the Series TBR:  143 (up two!)


Added to the Mystery Series TBR:

Four added this week.  Two were from advertising emails (both cozies).  I added Phillip Margolin’s other mystery series since I enjoyed the Amanda Jaffe books so much, and also added Margery Allingham’s Albert Campion books, thanks to reading about them in Slightly Foxed.  

Off the Mystery Series TBR:

Well, here’s an awkward story – even though I finished a mystery series this week… it wasn’t actually on any of my lists so…

Total for the Mystery Series TBR:  69 (up four!)


Added to the Nonfiction TBR:

20010651060This list usually remains pretty steady, but thanks to my first issue of Slightly Foxed, which I reviewed this week, a lot of books were added to this list – five, actually!

Off the Nonfiction TBR:

No progress here, I fear, as usual.

Total for the Nonfiction TBR:  58 (up five!)


Grant Totals for the Week:  Very bad this week – 32 added and only 7 off, so up 25 overall this week!!!