Rearview Mirror // August 2016

People.  It is SEPTEMBER.  How has this happened?!  I’m not ready!

Overall, I can’t complaint about life.  (I mean, I guess I could, but that would really mean that I’m completely selfish and discontented as a person because I would have to find really tiny, stupid things to complain about!)  Things are going really well around here.  The front porch finally looks like someplace that we want to hang out – only a couple of tiny things to tie up there and it will actually be a FINISHED project!  Today I’m painting shelves that the husband built to go around the television, and I love my little color scheme so I’m excited about getting these finished.  I’ve been thinking a lot about how I get super lazy about details sometimes, and am working on tightening up my prep work and actually doing the job right, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time sanding these shelves and I think they are going to look pretty good.  They’re my main storage for my nonfiction books, so those are all in stacks in the bedroom, but hopefully it will all get put back together over the long weekend coming up!!

I started a new job yesterday, so that is also pretty exciting.  I’m actually working for a local orchard, driving a box truck (!!!!) and delivering their wholesale apples.  How is driving around to all the local schools and dropping off apples not an awesome thing to do?!  It’s only two days a week, so I think it will work out pretty well.  I may pick up some extra hours sorting apples, too.  (What.  So zen.)  But I have to admit that my arms are sore today!  Another job to  make me stronger!  Theoretically, this will balance out my spring-seasonal job at the greenhouse, so perfect!

In the book world, things are also going well.  I’ve read a lot of books this summer and completed Cathy’s #20BooksofSummer Challenge, so that has been great fun.  I’ve started following several other book blogs thanks to this challenge.  I really enjoy the book blogging community, so that’s been pretty  nifty.

Favorite August Read:

md8481236382Honestly, kind of hard to choose.  I read some really good books this month, including the next two installments of the Codex Alera, both of which were fantastic.  But I think that I’m going to go with Wodehouse for this slot – Money in the Bank was genuinely hilarious and I enjoyed every page.

Most Disappointing August Read:

Destination-UnknownWhile The Morning Gift was weird, I think that I’m going with Christie’s Destination Unknownmostly because I’ve come to expect more of her (and I went into The Morning Gift with pretty low expectations lol).  It was a little more disjointed than her usual plots, and while she generally works her philosophies into her stories pretty subtly, she inserted them with flags flying in this one, which disrupted the story quite a bit.

Other August Reads:

  • Captain’s Fury by Jim Butcher – 5/5 – this is really one of the best series I’ve read in a long time.
  • My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier – 4/5 – brilliantly haunting, but a miss at the last minute for me as I didn’t care for the way she ended the story.  Still highly recommended!
  • The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson – 3/5 – USE YOUR WORDS, QUIN!
  • Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry – 5/5 – a really delightful children’s book that managed to weave life-lessons through a lovely story and perfect illustrations by Wesley Dennis.
  • Princep’s Fury by Jim Butcher – 5/5 – Please don’t start this series until your doctor has confirmed that your heart is very strong and ready for intense stress because the nonstop action of these books is KILLING ME.

20 Books of Summer Update!

I was able to complete the challenge!!  Many thanks to Cathy for hosting this fantastic event that led me to many other book blogs and brought new visitors to mine.  Such fun!

The final list can be found on its own tab of the main menu.  Hopefully there will be another challenge next summer!!!

TBR Update:

I am super, super behind on reading other people’s posts!  So I’m sure that the TBR will continue to grow at its completely unreasonable rate!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m weirdly obsessive with organizing the TBR, and have it on a spreadsheet divided into four different tabs:

  • Stand-Alones:  889 (Up 28 from 861, which is actually pretty restrained on my part… or may due to those like 45 book reviews I haven’t read yet… :-D)
  • Personal (which includes all books I own, but lists any series I own as only one entry…):  555 (Up 5 from 550… and this may or may not count the Wodehouse spree I went on on Kindle when I realized that most of his pre-1923 books are no longer under copyright and can be downloaded for free…!!!!)
  • Series (each series counted separately, not each book within a series):  133 (Up 3 from 130, including the addition of Jim Butcher’s other series, The Dresden Files, which apparently includes about 20 books!?)
  • Mystery Series (each series counted separately, not each book within a series):  54 (Up 2 from 52)

I have no self-control.  Oh well.  :-D

Awaiting Review:

Only four books in the queue right now:

  • Living as a Christian by A.W. Tozer
  • Ordeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie
  • Stormy, Misty’s Foal by Marguerite Henry
  • So, Anyway by John Cleese