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Rearview Mirror: January 2016

I can’t believe that the first month of 2016 is basically over!  January always goes super fast (and February goes super slow).  This year, the weather has been really mild overall, except for one weekend of snow (not nearly as much as they got southeast of here, though!), so beside the muddy-dog aspect, it’s been pretty nice around here.

Plenty of reading going on, too!!!

209194Favorite January Read:  

I think I’m going to go with The Man in the Brown Suit.  It’s classic Agatha Christie and just so much fun.  I’ve read this book so many times, but still get happy every time I start it.

Most Disappointing January Read:

//published 1962// the book is also set in 1962 //

//published 1962// the book is also set in 1962 //

Probably The Man in the High Castle.  While the premise was super intriguing, I was hoping for a book with a little less moralizing and a little more action.  Honestly, this book just didn’t interest me all that much.  I’m hopefully that the Amazon series will be more exciting.

Other January Reads:

  • The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall – by Anne McCaffrey – 4/5 – a really fun batch of short stories about the early days of Pern.
  • The View from Saturday – by E.L. Konigsburg – 5/5 – almost my favorite January read, and maybe was.  This was my third time reading this book in less than two years.  Everything about it is perfect.
  • The Time Between – by Maria Duenas – 4/5 – an engaging novel that took a little too long to get going, but I still recommend.
  • Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor, and Chesapeake Blue  – by Nora Roberts – the Chesapeake Bay saga was well-written with likable characters, but a little rougher than the lighthearted Bridal Quartet I read in December by the same author.
  • The Dolphins of Pern by Anne McCaffrey – 3/5 – a solid outing that definitely added to Pern’s depth, but Aramina’s irrationality really got on my nerves.

Random Fun:

FictionFan once again spread her creative wings with her three-part mystery – The Case of the Tottering TBR!  The link is to part three, and you can get to parts one and two from there.  Keep writing, FF!

Added to the TBR:

As usual, way too many to mention!!  But here are a few of the highlights that helped kick the TBR up to 717 (not including my personal books, series, or mystery series…!!!!!)

  • Even though I’m not usually into ghost stories, Bibliobeth’s review of Frost Hollow Hall totally enamored me.
  • Cleopatra Loves Books said that The Darkest Secret was a psychological thriller that was a “fantastic and addictive read.”
  • When I get a twofer recommendation, I usually can’t resist adding it to the TBR: both Chrissi Reads and Heart Full of Books said that Moth Girls was an engaging read!
  • FictionFan said that The Dungeon House brought many aspects of the Golden Age mysteries up to date – personally, I love mysteries where “the small town location means there’s a limited cast of suspects and that slightly claustrophobic feeling of everyone knowing too much about their neighbours’ business.”  Perfect.  :-D
  • Sophie over at PaperBreathers said that The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating made her forget that snails are actually slimy and gross.  Sounds like writing worth reading to me!
  • Of course, the book I was most excited to add to the TBR is Peter May’s newest – Coffin Road.  Both FictionFan and Cleopatra had great reviews of what sounds like will be a fabulous thriller.

All in all, January was a great month for both life and reading.  Here’s to a great February – keep those reviews coming!!!  :-D

4 thoughts on “Rearview Mirror: January 2016

  1. So proud to have been instrumental in adding two books to your TBR in January :-) and great that you linked to Fiction Fans brilliant three-part tale, it had me in stitches. Here’s hoping that February won’t be quite as dreary as you fear.


  2. Ha! Thanks as always for the links, and I’m glad you enjoyed my little pastiche! :D I do hope you enjoy Coffin Road – I think you will, though it’s a bit of a return to May’s earlier style of thriller rather than the more recent Lewis books.


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