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Rearview Mirror: November 2015

Greetings, friends!

Well, November has been an exciting month!  Things went a little crazy at work, and I am working a lot more hours (again).  Unfortunately, my job involves a lot of computer time, so when I get home in the evenings, staring at a screen even more has been pretty low on my priorities.  So, between that and a couple of major projects around the house, plus Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the year!!), November was basically a wash in the blogging department.  My only posts were two from the archive that were already queued!

Of course, what this also means is that I have a HUGE stack of books that need to be reviewed –  because if I’m not looking at a computer, I’m probably reading instead!  I even started a post reviewing the next Pern book, but only got halfway before I was interrupted, and never came back (and that was over two weeks ago so).

Anyway.  Today may or may not end up being a little quieter, so I am going to try and do some catch up.  We put down new flooring throughout our house and this weekend we have been polyurethaning it.  Now we are at that quiet bit in the middle where we can walk in it (gently) with socks, but no high traffic or furniture moving until tomorrow evening…  which sounds like a perfect excuse for catching up on some blogging!  The house blog is also woefully behind, as is my photo organization project, so I am hoping to divide today between those three projects – which probably means I’ll get nowhere on any of them!!  :-D  (Actually, what will probably happen is that Tom, who is theoretically working on projects in the barn, will come up to the house because he has realized that he has to go in town for something, and then we will go run errands and somehow the whole day will slip away!)

Of course, it’s also a perfect afternoon to curl up in bed and read away, so there’s always that possibility as well.

Hopefully all is going well with everyone!  I’ve been trying to keep up reading reviews, but still have a lot of unread emails in my inbox, and even more emails that have been read and marked with the star that means they have information that needs to be moved onto the TBR…  yet another project that’s fallen a bit behind!

Anyway, I miss all of you and am hoping to do some posting…  stay in touch!!

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