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  1. WAIT, are you Canadian?? (Or just interested in Canadian history?) ((I ask because depending on your answer, I might be really excited or REALLY excited, haha.))


    • haha, no I am not Canadian… Ohioan, actually. :-D But I have this random thing where I love reading the history of other countries/world history events from the perspective of other countries. So if you have any suggestions for Canadian history, I’m up for it!!

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      • I’m not too fond of history history (I like microhistories on random subjects, like toilet paper or rubber ducks, haha), but Canadian history is something I’ve wanted to explore in more detail. The only one I’ve heard about is Pierre Berton’s Vimy though…


        • Um, I am also open to any suggestions on microhistories. My dad and I are always exchanging them. He definitely recommended a book to me about the history of wood the other day.


          • Ooh, that sounds fun! I’m reading Gulp by Mary Roach right now, and I’m enjoying it so far! She has a chapter on what/how animals taste and the pet food industry, and now I’m on a chapter about saliva. Fun fun fun! ;)

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