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Dragonsong // by Anne McCaffrey

So I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to read all of the Pern novels in publication order.  But when I started to read The White Dragon, which my list listed as the third book, I recognized a lot of characters from the original trilogy I read (the Harper Hall trilogy), which felt weird, since they, according to my list, were published after The White Dragon.  So I did some more research and guess what!  The White Dragon was published after the first two books in the Harper Hall trilogy.  Go figure.  Apparently, whoever compiled my original list felt like the two trilogies in the Pern books should be together (The White Dragon is the third in the Dragonriders trilogy), even though they were actually published (1) Book 1 of Dragonriders, (2), Book 2 of Dragonriders, (3) Book 1 of Harper Hall, (4) Book 2 of Harper Hall, (5) Book 3 of Dragonriders, (6) Book 3 of Harper Hall.  Okay, first off, why?!  Secondly, that meant I was stranded without a book for the day because I really didn’t want to read The White Dragon until rereading those first two Harper Hall books!  Tragedy!  Thank goodness for the Kindle app on my phone….


//published 1976// (1976, by the way, comes ::before:: 1978, which is when ‘The White Dragon’ was published)

This was my second time reading Dragonsong.  I read it for the first time a little over a year ago, and while I enjoyed it just fine, I found it a bit confusing.  When I read Dragonflight, McCaffrey’s first Pern novel, a few weeks ago, I immediately realized that Dragonsong and its sequels were going to make so much more sense the second time around.  McCaffrey does a lot of world-building in her first two Pern novels, plus Dragonsong actually takes place at the same (Pern) time as Dragonflight and Dragonquestexcept from the perspective of a different character, so the whole entire story of Dragonsong suddenly made WAY more sense.

All that to say, Dragonsong was much more enjoyable this time around.  It was actually providing background and insight for events I had already read about in the first two books, and those first two books did the same for this one.  They really wove together to give me a much better picture of the story than I got the first time I read this book.

I liked Menolly, the main character, a lot the first time around, and liked her even better this time.  She is intelligent and determined, and even though a lot of things happen to her that she doesn’t understand, she takes them in stride and then finds ways to make sense of them.  I’m already excited about reading more of the Pern books to see how her story continues (especially since I know she’s at least mentioned in The White Dragon!)

I’m greatly enjoying these books on the whole, especially as I get more into the series – McCaffrey spent less time explaining things in this book, which made it go faster (although made it more complicated when I read it the first time!), and kept it as an overall very engaging read.  Definitely recommend!

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