Rearview Mirror: May 2015

Okay, okay, I know it’s the middle of June, but we’re just going to pretend that waiting this long to do the May Rearview has just given me a better, more holistic picture of my reading habits in May.  :-D



But the truth of the matter is that we are still doing tons of stuff around the house – incidentally, I also have about 59 posts for the house  blog that need written – while having tons of other adventures.  Plus we got a puppy!!!!!  Is he like whoa cute or what!?  He’s a border collie and his name is Waylon, and he also has his own blog (that I’m behind on updating) if you’re interested in seeing a ridiculous number of pictures of him being ADORABLE.

Anyway, May review!

So I haven’t been reading a great deal, just so many other things to do.  I am outside ALL THE TIME these days… even a lot of my reading is outside!  We have a much bigger garden than we should, chickens, puppy, chaos.  My reading schedule reflects that.  I’ve been reading snatches here and there, not making very fast progress through anything.  I’m slowing getting back into the groove.  The madness of spring is over, and things are starting to settle out into their maintenance schedule, so that’s good!

Favorite May Read:

Embarrassingly, it was probably the last book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy, Forever.   Stiefvater did a great job pulling things together, and I loved the perspectives from all the different characters, each one with a different back story, perspective, situation, and goal.  While a bit angsty, it still had some lighter, happier moments, and overall left me with the feeling that these characters – especially Sam and Grace – were going to be okay.

Most Disappointing May Read:

Ummm honestly I didn’t read a lot of books, and everything was pretty solid.  I guess I would go with Girl Missingwhich was, for me, a rather ambivalent thriller/mystery.  While fine for a once-over, it wasn’t a book that I wanted to read again, or a book that inspired me to find any of Gerritsen’s other books.

Other May Reviews:

  • French Leave by P.G. Wodehouse – 4/5 – typical Wodehouse chaos and froth – every page was absolutely delightful.
  • Golden by Cameron Dokey – 4/5 – a retelling of Rapunzel with some hidden depths.
  • Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater – 4/5 – the other two books from the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.
  • Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey – 3/5 – the first book about Pern…  I just finished the second, and I am really engaging in the incredibly intricate world McCaffrey builds.
  • Hidden Trail by Jim Kjelgaard – 3/5 – average Kjelgaard tale of outdoors adventure with some conservation rhetoric mixed in.

Added to the TBR:

As I have said before, when I’m not reading much, I don’t tend to add as much. So those of you who made it on the TBR this month should be quite flattered – I am way pickier about adding books in warm weather than I am during the eternal winter!  :-D

  • Cleopatra Reads Books convinced me to try The Lost Garden by reassuring me that this historical fiction is a “gentle story … with the echo of The Secret Garden”.  Can’t go wrong with that, can you??
  • She also added another book, that sounds completely different from The Lost Garden – a crime fiction called All the Little Pieces.  Cleo says “The moral dilemmas posed by this novel present the reader with a superb premise and this promise is realised in the execution.”  The haunting question of whether or not you would let someone in your car, possibly endangering your child, sounds completely engaging.
  • While I’ve heard some mixed reviews about The Girl on the TrainReading, Writing & Reisling ultimately convinced me to add this thriller to the TBR.
  • Stephanie said that Eeny Meeny kept her completely engaged, with 3rd-person POV and short chapters…  sounds like my kind of thriller!!
  • Somehow, FictionFan managed to weave her magic and convince me to read a book told in 2nd-person POV!?!?  While You objectively sounds horrible (which she admits she thought, too), she claims that it actually did manage to draw her in completely, pulling off the unique perspective with class.
  • FictionFan was also responsible for adding A Good Way to Go to the list, with the recommendation that if anyone is in the market for a new author, Peter Helton may be one to try.  (And who isn’t always in the market for someone new??)
  • Even though Songs of Willow Frost doesn’t sound completely like my type of book, Bibiobeth’s review still convinced me to read it.  I am still really engaged in reading historical fiction from the early part of the 20th century, and this story that alternates between stories in the 20’s and the Great Depression sounded engaging.

So that pretty much sums up May…  I’m already doing better in June…  four books sitting in the Need Reviewed pile!!!!