Barefoot Summer

//by Denise Hunter//published 2013//

51QInb3eE4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Sooooo guess what!  This is my first book I am reviewing that I read on my phone!  This is a big deal for me.  Still not super into not having a physical book, but I have to admit that it is very convenient to always have a book in my pocket.  It means I don’t have to carry around 3-7 back-up books with me everywhere I go!  I mostly read books on my phone that I don’t end up reviewing, because they’re terrible Pride & Prejudice retellings and whathaveyou, but the other day there was a perk and Barefoot Summer was free, so I downloaded it.

Back in the summer I read Dancing with Fireflies.  While it wasn’t the best book ever, it was a happy little piece of chick lit.  Of course, turns out that, go figure, it’s a sequel.  Seriously, people, why is it so hard to note that a book is part of a series?!?!?!?!?!?!  So Barefoot Summer is actually the first of the Chapel Spring romances, and now I kind of want to read Dancing with Fireflies again, because I wasn’t really paying much attention to Beckett and Maddy when I read it the first time – now I am way more vested in their future lives.  ;-)

In this story, 26-year-old Maddy is determined to win the annual boat race.  Her twin brother died when they were 17, but he dreamed of becoming the youngest winner of the race, and had just purchased a boat to race.  But if Maddy wants to live her brother’s dream, it has to be this summer – the current youngest winner was 27.  Of course, it’s a bit awkward because not only does Maddy not know how to sail a boat, she’s terrified of the water completely.  Still, she’s taking lessons from one of the town’s most accomplished sailors…  or at least, that was the plan.  At the last minute, Evan is unable to make it, and sends his friend Beckett instead.  Of course, Maddy and Beckett have some history, and there is lots of romantical tension between them, and just enough misunderstandings to keep things going along, and then there is a super happy ending that everyone saw coming.

So I actually liked this book better than the sequel.  The motivation for the characters felt more believable, and I really liked Maddy a lot.  Beckett, of course, is a total dish.  Maddy’s family is a strong part of why the book is so readable; they were my favorite part in Dancing with Fireflies as well.  There were a few minor ???? kind of issues (mostly because one sister has dashed off to no-one-knows-where but even though this book seems to be set in current 2010’s, she has no cell phone?????), but overall the story flowed well.

While Barefoot Summer isn’t a book that I want to read again and again, it’s definitely a warm and fuzzy chick lit, a super relaxing read for a quiet day at home.  3/5.