A Caribbean Mystery

//by Agatha Christie//published 1964//

caribbean_mystery_qx6_jpg_235x600_q951Whoa ho, look at me going all crazy and putting the picture on the right!  Time to shake things up!  PARTY!

Um, anyway.  More confessions:  I really struggle with spelling Caribbean?  Like, not right now because right now I have it in my head 1 R, 2 Bs.  But next week if you pop up and ask me how to spell it, I will probably try any combination other than the correct one.  Caribbean and Pennsylvania.  I never get Pennsylvania right on the first try, either.


Miss Marple is back in this story.  Her “dear nephew Raymond” has sent her on a little holiday to a seaside resort in the Caribbean.  Miss Marple is all set to enjoy a few weeks of R&R, but she has to admit to herself that, while pleasurable, her vacation is a trifle dull.

Lucky for Miss Marple, the death of one of the other residents of the resort gives her something to puzzle over.  While it appears that Major Palgrave died of natural causes, Miss Marple has reasons to think otherwise.

A Caribbean Mystery was an enjoyable read, but not one that really struck me, leaving it a pretty solid 3/5 in my estimation.  I will say that I have read most of the Miss Marple mysteries in the past but, as with the Poirot stories, reading them in their published order has definitely given Miss Marple herself more depth and made her more engaging as a protagonist.

Still, this particular mystery was rather mediocre, so while it was a decent read, it’s not one I’m putting on the classics shelf.