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UPDATE: More on ‘Across a Star-Swept Sea’

If you just read my post on this book, you’ll find that I was slightly annoyed by the sudden addition of a new plot-twist towards the end.  Well GUESS WHAT: even though there is nothing in the book to indicate that it is so, apparently this book is a sequel to For Darkness Shows the Stars.  I really, really hate it when people don’t bother to mention that this is BOOK TWO OF A SERIES, wow.  And, it appears from Goodreads, that that additional plot twist would probably make more sense it the picture of the overall whole, so, apologies on that complaint.  I’ll have to read THE FIRST  BOOK THAT NO ONE MENTIONED and go from there.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: More on ‘Across a Star-Swept Sea’

    • Gah, I know, so embarrassing to rant about something and then find out there’s a reasonable explanation! Apparently I need to work on that whole research first, rant later thing!

      But seriously, what is up with people publishing second books with zero indication that there is a first?! What’s a girl to do??

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