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Anne McCaffrey/Pern Question –

Okay, so if I want to read all of McCaffrey’s Pern books, should I read them in published or in chronological order??  My inclination is always towards published order, but I’m open to discussion!

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  1. I had a lot more conversation about this on my tumblr version of this blog (basically, if you want to find people ridiculously passionate about things that may not be classified as “important” by the rest of the world, check on tumblr) and everyone seemed pretty unified with following publication order “more or less” lol. I’m a little intimidated by these books because there are SO MANY and the world is just so huge and people love the books so much and it’s kind of like reading something like Lord of the Rings, where I *know* I’m going to miss important stuff and people will judge me.

    But heck, that’s what reading is all about, so I’m going to go for it anyway, eventually, if I ever finish these Arthurian books. I’ve been kind of lazy about reading lately, since I discovered I can put a Kindle app on my phone and then download and read terrible Pride & Prejudice retellings for free. They’re like eating a dessert that you can’t stop eating even though it’s making you sick and you don’t even like it any more lol. ANYWAY I think your recommended McCaffrey to begin with – which of the books have you already read?


    • Ahhh, sorry I missed your reply! (I can barely use WordPress/Twitter, so I think Tumblr is wayyy out of my technology comfort zone, haha.) It is pretty intimidating how big this world is, but it’s okay if you don’t like some Pern books as much as others! I’ve only read the Harper Hall trilogy, so unfortunately I have no more recommendations to give :P (but apparently Piemur appears in some of the later books, so I’m excited!!)


      • Oh tumblr is the easiest of them all because it’s not real blogging. However, it is wicked addictive, so there’s that.

        Ennywho, Pern, still totally planning to get to those even though I’m kinda scared of the world. (And I’m always scared if books with a lot of passionate fans.) Still, it will be an adventure, right??

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