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Bath Tangle


by Georgette Heyer

Published 1955

Whoa, a picture of the book!?  Madness!

It had been a while since I’d picked up a Heyer novel.  Recently, I added every book she’s ever written on my TBR (yeah, we don’t want to talk about the length of the TBR, or the fact that I add more books than I read to it every week).  While her Regency books are rarely innovative, they are super relaxing, and often entertaining.

Bath Tangle was quite typical, really, with everyone ending up engaged to the wrong someone, but magically coming together just right by the end.  One of the things that I enjoy about Heyer’s novels is that there is rarely a villain, or even someone you dislike.  Serena, the heroine, was delightfully imperfect.  Fanny, her mother-in-law (and also her junior by a few years… welcome to the Regency era lol), was as sweet and adorable as she could be.  The gentlemen were great fun and oh so gentlemanly (mostly).  Overall, Bath Tangle was all froth and bubbles, but in a happy, contented kind of way.  While this wasn’t a favorite read, like Friday’s Childit was still a great deal of fun and an easy 4/5.

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