Rainbow’s End

by Irene Hannon

Feeling sooooo lazy today, so no cover picture.  I’m honestly a terrible blogger, lol.

Anyway.  With all the chaos going on around here, I’ve seized the excuse to be even more laid-back with my reading than ever.  Steeple Hill publishes happy little paperback Christian romances that are as sweet and fluffy as marshmallows, with just about that much plot.  They’re perfect reading for when your brain is tired, or if you’re feeling stressed.  Happy endings tied up with a bow are 100% guaranteed, and sometimes that’s exactly what I need.

Rainbow’s End is a classic example.  Jill lives a semi-hermit life since a bad fire killed her family and left her face severely scarred several years ago.  Keith is wandering ever since tragedy struck his life two years earlier.  Through a series of events (coincidences are strong in these little books), Keith ends up renting the cottage on Jill’s land.  Bet you can’t guess what happens next!!!

With stories like these, the fun obviously isn’t in being surprised by the ending – the fun is in watching the story unwind to achieve that end.  Hannon’s writing is actually very readable, and while her story was somewhat heavy on coincidences, she still managed to pull things together to leave me feeling warm and fuzzy and not too incredulous.

Obviously, with a Christian romance you can expect some Christian conversations, but I felt like Hannon handled these with grace.  She had a story with two people who had suffered tragic events in their lives.  Jill had made her peace with God, while Keith was still searching.  The conversations were natural and thoughtful, propelling the story forward rather than bogging it down.

While not a great literary work, or a piece of intense depth and intrigue, Rainbow’s End is a pleasant read with likable characters, a reasonably possible storyline, and a happy ending.  And really, what more could someone want from a relaxing summer read?