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Life Update…

Oh my dear, dear book-blogging friends – how I miss you all! Tom and I purchased a house, and things have been absolute pandemonium ever since!  I’m actually working on a bit of blogging for that project (slow going, since I HAVE NO TIME), and will post the link when it’s ready for viewing in case anyone would like to read about our adventures with 15 cats, FLEAS, overgrown gardens, wall removal, FLEAS, carpet removal, painting, taking up 50-year-old linoleum, FLEAS, discovering snake wine in our closet (look it up), and oh, did I mention we have fleas?!?! We haven’t moved yet (because of fleas), and in fact, I’ve packed exactly 1/4 of a box so far.  However, today may be a little quieter (?!?!?!) so I am hoping to do a little blogging, catch up on some emails, and possibly even pack a bit.  I really miss blogging, and am super sad that I’m going to have to post a bunch of mini-reviews instead of real ones because it’s been so long since I read the books and they had to go back to the library.  Tragic!

For now, I’m going to try to get some housework done before it gets too hot, and then maybe I’ll be back for some blogging adventures! PS Oh and I started twittering* because that’s about the level of blogging I can handle now, so feel free to follow.  :-D

*Yes, I’ve been informed that the official word is “tweeting” but I really feel like I’m more of a twitterer so what can you do?

3 thoughts on “Life Update…

  1. Poor you! Hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end though! And maybe you’ll grow fond of the fleas after a while… ;)

    Look forward to having you back with us when you get more time!


    • haha, well I doubt that we’ll bond with the fleas, but we did end up keeping one of the 15 cats that came with the house, despite Tom’s protests of ‘not even liking cats’ :-D (Whose lap do you think she sits in the most??!)


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