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Ah, life

So things continue crazy around here, but tomorrow is  day off (hurrah!) and I am hoping to tackle the stack of to-be-reviewed books, which is growing daily!

What do you have to anticipate??

•The latest from Dee Henderson – Undetected is a bit of romantic fluff that was fun and easy reading.
•I’m rereading The Chronicles of Narnia, and everything is beautiful.  I LOVE THESE BOOKS.
•I read my first Tamora Pierce book!
•More Daisy Dalrymple!!
•The Harper Hall series by Anne McCaffrey – the first of her books I’ve read, but definitely not the last!
•Graphic novel version of Beauty and the Beast that I apparently wasn’t artsy enough to understand.
•Bill Bryson’s brilliant book, One Summer: America 1927. Loved this book, and am definitely adding more Bryson to the nonfiction TBR!

SO I don’t really know when I’ll get around to blogging, but I thought I’d reassure my faithful readers that I’m alive and well (and buying a house!) and still reading at a rather ridiculous rate for someone as busy as myself! :-D

Hope all is well in book-blogger land – hopefully I can catch up on my reader tomorrow as well!

2 thoughts on “Ah, life

  1. Several there that I’ll be looking forward to your reviews of – Narnia, which I’m always a bit frightened to re-read because I loved them so much when I was young, and Bill Bryson – it’s been ages since I read anything of his, but I remember really enjoying him.


  2. Oh, while I may have hesitated to recommend ‘Johnny Tremain’ as a adult reread (although I ultimately think you’ll be satisfied), I can 100% without a moment’s thought not only recommend Narnia, but GRAB YOUR SHOULDERS AND SHAKE YOU AND DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOU HAVEN’T READ THEM AGAIN!

    But seriously, they are just delightful and brilliant books. The narrative is absolutely perfect (really, Lewis’s witty narrative is my favorite part, one of the reasons I’ve never felt that they translated well into movies), and the stories are beautiful, the kind of timeless classics that are just fun stories when you’re a kid, and full of layers and depth when you’re an adult.

    Bryson was a riot to read; I found myself marking all kinds of passages that would make good quotes for the review – no idea how I’m going to narrow them down, either!


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