Ah, life

So things continue crazy around here, but tomorrow is  day off (hurrah!) and I am hoping to tackle the stack of to-be-reviewed books, which is growing daily!

What do you have to anticipate??

•The latest from Dee Henderson – Undetected is a bit of romantic fluff that was fun and easy reading.
•I’m rereading The Chronicles of Narnia, and everything is beautiful.  I LOVE THESE BOOKS.
•I read my first Tamora Pierce book!
•More Daisy Dalrymple!!
•The Harper Hall series by Anne McCaffrey – the first of her books I’ve read, but definitely not the last!
•Graphic novel version of Beauty and the Beast that I apparently wasn’t artsy enough to understand.
•Bill Bryson’s brilliant book, One Summer: America 1927. Loved this book, and am definitely adding more Bryson to the nonfiction TBR!

SO I don’t really know when I’ll get around to blogging, but I thought I’d reassure my faithful readers that I’m alive and well (and buying a house!) and still reading at a rather ridiculous rate for someone as busy as myself! :-D

Hope all is well in book-blogger land – hopefully I can catch up on my reader tomorrow as well!