Excerpt from ‘The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death’

So I was recommending some books to a blogging friend, and I got so excited when I started thinking about Daniel Pinkwater’s Snarkout Boys that I couldn’t resist quoting it.  Honestly, I think that this entire book is brilliant and incredibly quotable, but Pinkwater isn’t for everyone – many folks find him just plain strange, instead of weird and hilarious like I do.  I love the way that Pinkwater points out the complete stupidity of so many of systems, but in a way that just makes it part of the fun.  I also love the way that Pinkwater’s heroes are all kind of anti-heroes.  Most of them are kind of chubby and grow up in boring places in the city.

In The Snarkout Boys, the Snark is a theater, and one that I sincerely wish was someplace close to my home:

The Snark Theater has a different double bill every day, and it’s open twenty-four hours around the clock.  It shows movies I never heard of, and it shows them in strange combinations.

For example, a typical double bill might consist of a Yugoslavian film (with subtitles), Vampires in a Deserted Seaside Hotel at the End of August, and along with it, Invasion of the Bageloids, in which rock-hard, intelligent bagels from outer space attack Earth.  Everybody gets bopped in the head until the scientists figure out a way to defeat the bageloids.  I won’t spoil the ending by telling what it is, but it has something to do with cream cheese.

I wouldn’t say that every movie the Snark Theater shows is good, but they’re all interesting in their way.