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The Mating Season



by P.G. Wodehouse

Published 1949

I was reading this book while eating my lunch at the park, and kept getting weird looks because I was laughing out loud.  I honestly could not stop laughing at this book, which involves Wodehouse’s favorite ploy:  No one is going by their own name.

Here is what I don’t understand about Wodehouse: he often uses the same shtick, yet it’s always hilarious.  For instance, in this book, there is a community fundraiser, a kind of talent show where locals sing songs or recite poetry or whatever.  Wodehouse has used this same scenario in multiple other stories, yet this chapter was the funniest in the entire book; I tried to read the chapter out loud to Mom (she and I bond over our love for Wodehouse), and was laughing too hard to even finish reading it.  Truly, no one can describe a scene like this man can.  His ability to create the perfect simile is unparalleled.

Reading the Bertie and Jeeves books in order has been extremely fun.  Many of them I have read at various times and in random order, but reading them in their actual published order has enabled me to really enjoy the introduction and reintroduction of favorite characters, especially the many women Bertie finds himself engaged (and unengaged) to.

Highly recommend this Wodehouse; it’s a true classic.  5/5.

4 thoughts on “The Mating Season

  1. It’s his use of language that I love…’I wasn’t exactly disgruntled, but I was very far from being gruntled.’… ‘I couldn’t face breakfast, so I told Jeeves to drink it himself’…

    Quoted from memory, so may not be exact. :)


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