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Castle in the Air



by Diana Wynne Jones

Published 1990

Well, after reading Howl’s Moving Castle for a second time, I wanted to give the two sequels a whirl.  However, sources seemed to differ on which came first, and both Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways claimed to be “the sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle.”  So I just went with which one was published first, and that seemed to be correct.

Castle in the Air is not what I would call a “direct” sequel.  The main character is someone completely new; the adventures don’t even start in the same country as Howl.  However, old friends do eventually appear on the pages (much to my delight).  Like most of Jones’s books, I found myself wanting to read it again as soon as it was finished–her endings are always a bit abrupt, but leave me with the feeling that, had I known everything I know now, I could have gotten a great deal more from the beginning, if that makes sense.

Overall, this book was lots of fun, with very likable characters–a very cranky (and literal) genie, a flying carpet that works best when you’re sleeping, a lovable carpet seller, and more.  I really enjoyed it, and definitely recommend all three of these books.  4/5.

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