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The Raven in the Foregate



by Ellis Peters

Published 1986

In this Cadfael mystery, the author explores, as usual, not only a mystery, but human nature as well.  When the priest of the Foregate passes away, a newcomer must take his place.  But the new priest lacks the kindness and understanding of his predecessor.  And when he is found murdered, the question is not so much of “Who had motive?” as “Who didn’t?”  As always, Cadfael’s mystery is seamlessly woven with the background of England’s civil war.  These books are brilliantly written–wonderful mysteries and beautifully thought-provoking.  5/5.

3 thoughts on “The Raven in the Foregate

    • haha there are always flaws if you look hard enough. Overall, I would say that within the Cadfael series, Peters’s love stories tend to be a bit weak. The majority of the time, a young man meets the eyes of a young woman and they fall instantly in love. Usually, one of these young lovers is somehow accused of the murder, but in the end, everything gets tied up with a neat bow and they follow the course of true love effortlessly. The love story part tends, in my mind, to be the most unrealistic part of the Cadfael stories. While Peters develops her long-term characters, like Cadfael, Hugh Beringer, the Father Abbot, and some of the other brothers, well and realistically, her one-show romantics can seem a bit flat.

      But they still remain one of my very favorite series, so I don’t judge them too harshly. :-D


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