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The Leper of Saint Giles



by Ellis Peters

Published 1981

Well, if you happen to be reading these entries in the order in which I am posting them, I apologize–The Leper of Saint Giles is the fifth of the Brother Cadfael books, while The Virgin in the Ice is the sixth.  Somehow, I missed a page of my book log and skipped over this one!

And really, it ought not be skipped, because it is a good tale, as all of these books are.  Much of this book takes place in the abbey’s nearby shelter/church for lepers, the church of Saint Giles.  There, Brother Cadfael’s dear friend, and prior assistant, Brother Mark, is serving these needy individuals.  Brother Mark is one of my very favorite characters; he crops up throughout the series, always kind and full of servant-love.  One of the things that I greatly enjoyed about this  book was its emphasis on how even those that we normally dismiss without a second thought (in this case, the lepers) are still human–full of emotion and stories, and still inherently valuable.

Read these books.  No, seriously.  5/5.

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