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The Inimitable Jeeves



by P.G. Wodehouse

Published 1923

While this book does not include the first appearance of Jeeves, it is the first collection of short stories devoted solely to the famous butler and his lovable master.  If you have never read a Jeeves and Wooster book, stop whatever you’re doing right now and find one immediately.  These books are a treasure.

That said, I prefer some of Wodehouse’s later works of Jeeves, which are full-length.  While these short stories tie together loosely, each chapter is basically independent, and so, for me, the theme of “Bertie has a piece of clothing Jeeves doesn’t like.  Bertie has a problem.  Jeeves solves the problem.  Bertie gets rid of the despised piece of clothing” gets a little redundant.  But despite that, I still cannot read Wodehouse in public because I start laughing out loud and people look at me as though I’ve gone crazy.  He is a definite favorite.


2 thoughts on “The Inimitable Jeeves

  1. I can’t seem to get enough of his books. His masterpieces will lighten anyone up on a rainy day. His work is truly unmatched, and none of his books have ever failed to maintain the humor for which he is renowned, or as Bertie would have put it ‘They are the goods’.


    • Yes! I feel the same way. I always feel as though my reviews of Wodehouse books sound just the same; they are books that simply have to be read; they cannot be well explained. Every word is a jewel. My mom just finished reading ‘Money for Nothing’–and started re-reading it the same day! :-D Anyway, always glad to come across a fellow Wodehouse-lover. Thanks for stopping by!


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