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Enchanted Glass


by Diana Wynne Jones

Published 2010

This was, apparently, one of Jones’s last books, and it was an enjoyable and entertaining read.  Per usual for her, it was a bit overly complicated for my taste, but I cannot help but enjoy her writing.  Her characters are charming and likable, and the dialogue always great fun.  However, she constantly introduces concepts and never really explains what is going on.  Every time I finish a book of hers, I find myself wondering But what about…  

Still, there is something quite gripping about her stories; every time I pick one up, I can hardly bear to put it down until I’m finished, even when there isn’t a lot of action.  Both this book and Howl’s Moving Castle made me laugh because they both include a sort of helpless adult man who has been saddled with a great deal of responsibility for people, and he isn’t sure why or how but now everyone is looking up to him and expecting him to make all  the right decisions and the need him and just when he’s getting incredibly irritated, everyone hugs him and tells him how amazing he is and he is forced to grudgingly admit that he actually enjoys all the fuss he has to go through.

I really enjoyed this story.  4/5.

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