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Jane Fairfax


by Joan Aiken

Published 1990

Jane Fairfax was the second Emma sequel that I wanted to read.  I vaguely remembered reading it a long time ago, but really couldn’t recall any of the details.

I have always liked Jane, and been intrigued with her.  And to me, hardly anything illustrates Emma’s immaturity and selfishness more than her treatment of Jane.  And that poor, poor Jane must be railroaded into a friendship with the dreadful Mrs. Elton…!!!  Such tragedy!

Aiken does a truly wonderful job telling Jane’s story.  Her writing is very plausible, and the story intriguing.  And it is quite nice to be reminded that Emma was not the only heroine who was rewarded with a happy ending.

4/5, and a must-read if you at all enjoyed Emma.

5 thoughts on “Jane Fairfax

  1. Hi, I have been looking round for Aiken fans, as I’ve recently started a blog for her, and you might enjoy some of my Aiken/Austen pieces. I’ll be reviewing her Mansfield revisited soon, and just did one about her very odd take on Northanger Abbey! She would have appreciated your tastes too!


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