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Howl’s Moving Castle



by Diana Wynne Jones

Published 1986

So, since I enjoyed Fire and HemlockI decided to give another Jones novel a try.  This time, I picked one of her juvenile novels, and it turned out to be a great deal of fun.

I really enjoyed the premise of someone being cursed to be old.  The characters were hilarious, the dialogue delightful, and the concept fresh.

However, as with Fire and Hemlock, there still seemed to be a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the book.  Jones’s endings just aren’t as tidy as I want them to be.  I like having things all tied up neatly at the end.  Apparently, there are a couple of sequels to this book??  My library doesn’t have them (!!!!) so I will have to seek them further afield.  (If anyone wants to lend them to me, that would be great! :-D)

Overall, an easy 4/5, and could have been a 5/5 if the ending had come together better for me.  Still, a lot of fun.

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